What are the consequences of the IOS 14 update on Facebook Ads?

What are the consequences of the IOS 14 update on Facebook Ads?

Since May 2021 Facebook has announced the IOS 14 update which would therefore impact the possibilities of tracking users. Indeed with a pop-up, it is now possible for them to refuse in a very simple way the tracking of their session. It is time, a few months after this launch, to take stock of the consequences on our Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns.

The instructions were very clear with more vague deadlines to set up the elements, adapt the conversion events and be in the rules to be able to continue to collect a little data.

What has changed in Facebook Ads advertising performance?

The first feedbacks and therefore points of vigilance are as follows:

Decrease in Facebook ads remarketing audiences

Due to the loss of IOS 14 user data, remarketing audiences based on interactions with your pages, your site, are reduced. It is therefore necessary to regularly check your audiences in order to adapt your campaigns and widen the audience if necessary. The decrease may seem minimal at first, but it can ultimately represent several thousand users.

Also pay attention to the audiences created after the update since they will not therefore include these users in the database. You will therefore have an audience estimate that excludes IOS 14 users (and now people who have refused Facebook cookies in Europe)

Blind conversion tracking

Conversion tracking was obviously a victim of this update with a drop in conversions across all campaigns and surprisingly particularly on Facebook. On the Facebook Business Manager a new view has appeared which contains the conversions of the conversion funnel (image) with the mention that IOS 14 may not be included.

Knowing that conversion tracking via Analytics is not more reliable, it is therefore difficult at the end of the month to calculate the actual conversions generated.

Facebook has announced that it has improved its algorithm to include IOS data but which can be time-delayed with a potential 3 days of lag.

Multiplication of ad sets with limited learning

Bad surprise of the update on existing campaigns but also new campaigns put online post update: the growth in the number of set of advertising learning limited. As a direct consequence of the two points discussed above, limited learning is triggered when all the ads do not count enough conversion events in the last 7 days, a lack of budget, bids or too low audiences. Thus, this phenomenon has spread to remarketing campaigns or advertisements aimed at fans or lookalike fans.

Difficulty promoting applications on Facebook Ads

Facebook specifies it in these information notes, the campaigns for the applications under IOS14 must be distinct and are also limited in number of ad groups, objective and settings.

General blur regarding Facebook Ads data

Overall, it is difficult to communicate information about campaigns on a margin of error or a percentage of loss due to the update. Not necessarily having statistics on the share of IOS14 users and the share refusing cookies, we therefore have no precise statistics to communicate.

Performance monitoring may therefore become more complicated over the months, particularly with the strengthening of cookies in Europe since July 6, which also affects the same previous points.

To be continued!

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