What are the fitness trends that are leading this 2020

Cuáles son las tendencias fitness que están liderando este 2020

Hot yoga is a modality that has had a lot of relevance in recent months

This year he has been in charge of collapsing any possible prediction that we could have made in 2019. Thus, an interesting exercise is to examine the patterns or trends that set the pace in 2020. And in this case, we will do it with the highlights in the field of fitness or physical activity.

Wearable technology

According to an entry on the Vogue portal, the wearable technology It is one of the fitness trends that is setting the standard this year. Wearable technology is a category for GPS devices, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and so on.

This is an industry that is on the rise by making it easier for people to keep up with their performance and performing the relevant calculations for your physical training.

Yoga Hit

Hit yoga is the combination of two popular disciplines, yoga and HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training). This has been the solution of many people who they don’t have a lot of free time for long training sessions.

This is a hybrid modality that is based on the best of both worlds, the high physical demand of HIIT with the dynamic movements characteristic of yoga. This is a combination that will allow you to burn calories while lengthening and stretching your muscles.

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Sessions at home

This year has been the year of physical training at home, and it is more than certain that that was not in the plans of many of us. However, this has been an opportunity for diversification of home training since we have had to innovate and expand horizons.

Nowadays, the idea of ​​a fitness session at home is much more developed than it was on the first of January of this year, which has allowed many people not to lose the lifestyle they had before confinement.

These and other fitness trends have shaped our idea about the year and physical training in general, mainly in a positive way for our health.

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