What are the healthiest sports?

When you want to incorporate a sport into your life or simply want to change to another that you do not normally practice in order to have more variety and acquire different skills, a question may arise:

Which sport is healthier or can it bring me more benefits?

It is natural that, beyond personal preferences for practicing a certain sport, you want to choose one that can give you the greatest benefits to your health and image in general.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting to practice any sport and perhaps submit to a stress test.

If you are going to dedicate so much energy, time and possibly you have to make a monetary investment, this is the best possible choice.

Starting from the fact that the sport you choose should preferably be to your liking, this so that it can be sustainable in the medium and long term, another consideration is that it brings together elements such as involving a cardiovascular effort as well as strengthening muscles.

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Here are some alternatives to choose from.

Sports March

Sports walking is a mainly urban sport because it is practiced on flat terrain, where the objective is to maintain a high pace.

It is a cardiovascular exercise in which several muscles of the body work and unlike walking, the speed of this sport is considerably higher, from about 5 to 10 km per hour.

The main objective is the resistance to be able to stay in a constant speed. One of the main advantages of this sport is the energy expenditure and the low negative impact on the joints.


Swimming is considered one of the best sports alternatives since practically all muscle groups are worked so they are toned and your strength increases.

In turn, since it is a cardiovascular exercise, it strengthens your heart, improves your lung capacity and physical condition in general.

  • What are the benefits of swimming?

The low negative impact it exerts on your body is another great advantage of this sport because the water supports your weight, this means that there is a very low risk of suffering some type of injury.

Another benefit of swimming is that it tends to provide a feeling of relaxation both physically and mentally, which is why it is associated with a decrease in stress. Remember to avoid consuming food minutes before swimming and maintain good hydration before and after practicing this sport.

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Tennis, like swimming, is a cardiovascular sport that can generally be practiced at any age.

This sport that is very competitive is more than complete since due to its dynamics it requires not only great resistance, rhythm, coordination and strength but it will provide you with a great variety of benefits such as an increase in muscle mass, improvements to the circulatory system, reduces risk of coronary heart disease, provides discipline and mental stability, to name a few.


Cycling is an excellent sport to increase endurance as well as strength, where the lower muscle groups and the core are mainly worked, however, the upper body is also strengthened.

Some of its benefits are that it improves balance, strengthens muscles, heart and lung capacity, helps reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

Being a cardiovascular exercise, the energy expenditure is quite high so it helps to fight overweight by reducing body fat.

It is a low-impact sport so by taking the proper considerations, injuries can be avoided. Another advantage is that it can also be practiced indoors on a stationary bike.

To run

One of the most popular sports, due to its great benefits and how practical it is to do it.

It helps you stay in shape as it is an easy way to lose body fat while helping your heart.

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Practicing with proper technique can help reduce the risk of heart attacks as well as having strokes (embolism).

Running helps prevent bone loss, helps increase muscle flexibility and is associated with an increase in life expectancy compared to those who do not practice it.

Remember to do warm-up exercises and muscle stretches before starting and after this sport.

You have many sports to choose from

These are just some of the many sports that can bring you great benefits in your life as well as great moments of fun.

You will see that in any of them you will have the opportunity to meet people if you wish or they can also be an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself.

Choose a sport and try the one that challenges you and is the most enjoyable for you!

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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