What are the most stolen motorcycles in Spain and where do they disappear?

What are the most stolen motorcycles in Spain and where do they disappear?

The motorcycle thefts have been increasing exponentially in recent years. According to the Ministry of the Interior, In Spain a motorcycle is stolen every eight minutes, which gives a figure of more than 100 motorcycles per day. But what is really alarming is knowing that only 10% recovered of the missing units.

Actually Spain It is not one of the worst countries in Europe for the number of robberies. It occupies the seventeenth place in classification. The nations that lead the table in the continent are Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, France and Greece, reaching in some cases almost 500 daily units stolen. Within Spanish territory, the city where more motorcycles are stolen is Barcelonafollowed by Malaga and Madrid.

At the same time, in Catalonia the vast majority of robberies occur and it is the community where the friends of the alien make up 87% of the total, a great distance from the Community of Madrid, with 7%. The robbery profile reveals that the vast majority (85%) they are improvised and only 15% are planned. While the robot portrait of the criminals shows that they are young people performing in a group and are between 20 and 27 years old.

The most stolen models

The Trackting company, specialized in vehicle tracking systemshas issued a diagnosis on the motorcycle thefts in Spain. The most stolen are the ones that also lead the sales figures. This is because they are intended the breakdown of the vehicle to resell on the black market the various components.

Seasonally it is in the months between April and July when more motorcycle thefts are carried out, coinciding with the greater use made of them in the most benign weather season. The most stolen brand is Yamaha that accumulates 32% of the motorcycles and that places five models in the top ten from the catalog. This is the list with the most stolen motorcycle models:

  1. Honda SH125: The first position is held by the so-called ‘scoopy’. It is one of the oldest scooters in the Spanish market and continues in the list of best-selling copies. This supposes one of its great attractions for friends of the alien, since there is a large illegal parallel market for parts. One in four motorcycles stolen is a Honda SH 125. The signature of the golden wing accumulates 28% of the subtractions.
  2. Yamaha TMax: The maxi-scooter of the signature of the tuning forks in its different displacements, is also one of the best-selling models in recent years. Another big claim for criminals.
  3. KawasakiZ: The ‘naked’ best seller between the displacements of between 650 and 1000 cubic centimeters, it is one of the most desired models by thieves. The Akashi brand occupies the third position in terms of motorcycles stolen, with 17% of the total.
  4. Yamaha X Max: Another scooter that has models of 125 and 250 cubic centimeters.
  5. KTM 125 Duke: One of the best selling gear motorcycles of the 125 cc access segment.
  6. BMW GS: The queen of the trail It has models of different displacements. A good piece for thieves.
  7. Yamaha YZF-R1: The fingerboards signature supercar. A model with a long history in the Spanish market.
  8. Yamaha Cygnus: other scooter among the most stolen. It is a model that was discontinued in 2007.
  9. Yamaha Neos: A 50 cc scooter which has assembled two and four stroke engines.
  10. SYM Symphony: The Taiwanese brand enters the list of the most stolen thanks to its best-selling model.
What are the most stolen motorcycles in Spain and where do they disappear?
The Honda SH 125 ‘Scoopy’ is the most stolen motorcycle in Spain

Tips to prevent motorcycle theft

It is proven that the real professionals of subtraction are able to steal a motorcycle in a few minutes, so the goal is to make it as difficult as possible. First of all it is recommended don’t leave the keys on since many robberies are executed to carelessness It is also necessary have an anti-theft device (disc, chain, U-shaped) of good quality. If it has an alarm, much better, in addition, two anti-theft devices can be combined, one on each axis.

What are the most stolen motorcycles in Spain and where do they disappear?
Disc locks, thanks to their size, are very easy to transport on the motorcycle

New technologies can be a great ally. The anti-theft with built-in GPS discreetly installed in the vehicle and they will send your location in real timeboth to the user and to the security company that will immediately try to recover the motorcycle.

Finally, it is very useful to park the motorcycle on the street in well-lit areas and large avenues, where there is continuous traffic and pedestrians. Likewise, since vans and trucks are used in many robberies, the best option is do not park the motorcycle near the road. The further away you are, the more difficult it will be for thieves to bring the van closer. Although the most recommendable, of course, is that whenever possible park in a garage.

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