What Are the Sources of Revenue for Web Influencers in 2021?

Earning money being an influencer and content creator may seem crazy to some but it is in any case “simpler” than it seems. What are the main sources of income for web and social media influencers? Earning money on the internet is what allows many influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok to live their lives to the fullest without having to worry too much about the end of the month (for the best). Here is a summary of all the sources of income that influencers and bloggers can activate to earn money online through their community.

How do influencers and bloggers make a living?

By creating content and a community. This is the basis.

Once the community is created, it does not matter whether it is a community on social networks, via a blog or a newsletter (or all at the same time), it is possible for an influencer to monetize it through numerous monetization channels that we will present to you here.

Whether you’re an influencer yourself and wondering how you could earn more each month or just curious about how web and social media influencers make money online, the rest of this article should interest you!

What are the possible sources of income for influencers?

From nano influencer to macro influencer, anyone can make money on the internet with a community, no matter how small, as long as he or she knows what levers to activate.

Here is a selection of 12 Income Sources Influencers Use To Make Money On The Web.

The influencers who make the most money are often the ones who use the most different revenue streams.

1- Sponsored partnerships with brands

The simplest and often the most important source of income is the establishment of sponsored partnerships with brands in the form of sponsored publications, stories, blog posts.

The price per post varies a lot from one influencer to another but it is often possible for them to ask for several hundred euros per post as soon as they have a community of tens of thousands of followers.

2- The sale of products via an online store

It’s no coincidence that you see a lot of influencers promoting their e-shop or their online store.

Having an e-commerce site is for them a good source of additional income, although it is not the easiest source of income to set up nor the most “passive” in view of the management time required by a e-commerce site (sourcing of products, production of photos and descriptions, site referencing, site management, after-sales service management, shipping management, etc.).

3- Affiliation

What is affiliation? It is neither more nor less the fact that an influencer receives a commission on sales generated following his recommendation of one or more products / services, usually through a tracked link or a promo code.

If the affiliation does not imply for the customer to pay more for the final product, the company which pays the influencer finds its account there since it will pay the influencer on the performance, when a customer will have bought through his link or promo code for example.

For the influencer, this source of income is often combined with sponsored posts to achieve a hybrid model that allows the advertiser to track the number of conversions generated by their influencer marketing campaign.

4- The sale of training

Many web influencers get paid thanks to the sale of training. This is often the case for influencers who have positioned themselves in niche markets (eg: learning photography, becoming a real estate annuitant, creating an online business, etc.).

The price of training courses is very variable and the amount of remuneration drawn by this monetization channel is therefore also just as variable from one influencer to another.

Some big influencers in very profitable niches can earn more than 50,000 dollars per month just by selling training courses while others will sell training courses at ridiculous prices and only earn a few hundred dollars per month.

5- YouTube ads

Make Money With YouTube, this can be done via sponsored partnerships but also thanks to the advertisements broadcast on the videos before and during the latter.

For YouTube to start paying a YouTuber, the latter must have at least 1,000 subscribers and have more than 4,000 hours of videos viewed over the last 12 months. They will also need to have a Google Adsense account and link it to their YouTube channel to be able to activate monetization.

Although the income from YouTube ads varies greatly from one influencer to another depending on its theme, its target audience, the number of views of its videos, the number of videos published, you should know thatan average YouTuber will earn on average between 3 and 10 euros for 1000 views of his videos.

6- Advertisements on their blog

Just like YouTube ads, an influencer with a blog that receives several dozen visitors each month will be able to earn money from advertisements displayed on their site.

For this, he often turns to advertising agencies such as Google Adsense, Ezoic or Mediavine who will pay him CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Just like on YouTube, the average revenue per thousand ad views will vary greatly from one influencer to another depending on their industry. The sectors that earn the most are often the most competitive (eg banking, insurance, trading, finance, etc.).

7- The sale of books

Whether the influencer writes it himself or whether it is outsourced, selling a book is also a very good source of passive income for him once the latter is finalized and marketed.

8- The sale of services

An influencer can earn money by selling products, books but he can also earn money through the sale of services that he himself will have created. It can be a software or a consulting service for example.

9- The sale of individualized coaching

More widespread in the world of influencers in real estate and entrepreneurship, selling personalized coaching can be very lucrative for an influencer since he will simply sell his time for a sum of money he will have. – even determined.

Some web influencers sell their vision consulting time at 90 euros / h, others, much more …

10- The sale of products in dropshipping

Does dropshipping speak to you? This monetization method for influencers concretely consists in selling products for which the influencer does not own the stock.

The advantage with this mode of operation is that the influencer is not going to have to advance the money to buy a stock that he is not sure to sell.

The icing on the cake, the influencer does not have to manage the shipment which will be managed for him directly by the dropshipping supplier he has chosen.

11- Private content subscription platforms

Rather widespread in the world of streaming and Instagram influencers, some platforms allow YouTubers, streamers, Instagram influencers to earn money by sharing content reserved only for fans who pay to see those photos or videos.

On some platforms like OnlyFans, influencers have been able to earn several hundred thousand euros. For example, streamer Amouranth has earned more than a million dollars in just one month thanks to this content service accessible only by subscription …

12- Sponsorship and brand muse

Just like athletes, influencers can also become brand muses for several months or even years. These contracts are negotiated directly with brands and can represent sums of several hundred thousand euros for the biggest influencers.

Although this source of income is not the easiest to activate for the smallest influencers, any influencer can solicit brands on his own to offer them this type of sponsored partnership while of course adapting the proposed price to its community and the visibility it can offer over the time of the partnership to the brand.

How much do influencers earn on average per month?

It is very variable.

This will mainly depend on the number of followers they have, their niche (sector of activity), the traffic of their website, the number of monetization methods of their audience that they use or the engagement of the users. communities that they federate but an influencer can earn between 1,000 and 100,000+ euros per month (for the biggest influencers).

Yes the range is wide but many parameters come into account and have an impact on this average monthly salary amount :

  • The size of the community;
  • Community engagement;
  • The number of sponsored publications produced each month;
  • The main theme of the influencer;
  • Monthly traffic to their website, blog or online store;
  • The number of monetization modes he / she uses (see list above);

To give you an overview, here are some figures from the study on the salaries of Instagram influencers that we shared with you via another dedicated article:

average salary instagram influencer
What is the average monthly salary of Instagram influencers based on their community?

Making money on the internet by becoming an influencer is within the reach of anyone. However, like everything, nothing happens without doing anything, you will often have to work very hard for several months or even years before starting to touch more than 1000 euros per month by being an influencer.

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