What are the symptoms of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus?

Vacunación en Reino Unido, en alerta por la propagación de la variante Ómicron.

Vaccination in the United Kingdom, on alert for the spread of the Omicron variant.

Photo: Leon Neal – WPA / Getty Images

After its irruption, the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus has given way to its expansion throughout the world; the authorities of the United States and those of Europe they consider that it will soon be the dominant in their territories.

Although most of the cases that have been documented so far show that this variant causes mild symptoms of covid-19. However, the World Health Organization has been clear in pointing out that it is not yet known how serious Omicron is.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have said that symptoms that patients have most frequently reported symptoms such as cough, fatigue, and stuffy or runny nose.

In the United States there are no reports of deaths For this variant, although in the United Kingdom there is at least one registered death, which set off the alarms.

The CDC indicates that a patient was hospitalized for two days, in which it could be the most careful case that has been reported so far in the country.

“Case investigations have identified exposures associated with domestic and international travel, large public events, and home transmission,” the CDC indicates.

In the United States, when they register just over four dozen cases of the Omicron variant, the authorities highlight the following data:

  • 58% correspond to people between 18 and 39 years old.
  • November 15 is the earliest date of appearance of symptoms related to this variant, in a person with a history of traveling abroad
  • 33% of the cases reported having traveled abroad at least 14 days before the onset of symptoms or a positive result.
  • 79% of the cases were in people who completed the primary vaccination series 14 days before symptoms or positive test.
  • 14% had documented a previous covid-19 infection.

Dr. Anthony Fauci assures that booster shots are very helpful to improve protection; a specific drug is not required to be developed for this variant. The data indicate that most cases of disease from this variant are mild, and about 80% of patients who arrive at the hospital with Omicron do not require oxygen.

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