What are they and why are they there

What are they and why are they there

By now you will have noticed that in many cars we can find small design details and curiosities. These go beyond the optional vehicle customization items. They are small personal brands of manufacturers and are known as Easter eggs or ‘Easter eggs‘. Today we are going to explain its reason for being.

Curiously, this term has always been associated with the world of computing. However, for our particular theme we can define an ‘Easter Egg’ as a hidden message or content. It is deliberately introduced into the vehicle. Take, for example, Karl Benz’s signature on the front window of the Mercedes.

What are they and why are they there

Another clear example is the key with the shape of the car in Porsche and Tesla; or the jaguar and its cub in the glass of the Jaguars. Examples abound and the vast majority of them are located on the car windows or engraved on plastic and metal. We can also find them even in the headlights or in the upholstery of the car.

Designing a car is a complex job full of restrictions. Introducing an original Easter Egg into the vehicle shows that a human with some sense of humor participated in the design of that machine. Many come in all series models and others are commemorative of a particular event. Either way, they are there for various reasons.

The reason for being of the Easter Eggs

The first one – and most obvious – is differentiation, design. It is the personal brand of the manufacturer, an aesthetic detail that evokes the origins of the brand or model. In addition, it makes that vehicle or a whole range of products unique. A clear appeal to enthusiasts that tests our visual acuity and gives an original touch to the whole to make it more sympathetic.

What you may not know is that the existence of ‘Easter Eggs’ also responds to an economic reason. Automakers don’t just waste time and money hiding little cartoons on their production vehicles for the sake of art. They also do it with an after-sales profit in mind.

Jeep Easter Eggs

All ‘Easter Eggs’ are registered and patented. Of course, the various suppliers of spare parts can manufacture spare parts for the vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. However, they cannot paste the auto company logos or graphics onto those parts.

In this way, if you are a customer who is a bit maniacal and detailed, in case you have to replace a damaged part that hides a Easter egg, you will want the part to look it too. That is when you will go to buy the original part from the manufacturer, not just any replacement. And that, whether we like it or not, is a source of income for the brand …

What are they and why are they there

They are not introduced for the purpose of making money, but they serve as a business. But beware, too many manufacturers do not include ‘Easter Eggs’ in their models, either for financial reasons or for lack of corporate fantasy. In any case, the next time you see a Easter egg remember: you can only buy this piece in an official workshop …

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