What are Twitter Cards and how do I use them?

What are Twitter Cards and how do I use them?

Whether adding external content to a publication, integrating a call to action or improve its visibility, the “Twitter Cards” are a very useful feature of the micro-blogging social network. They are free to use and it is very easy to take advantage of this option.

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The different types of Twitter Cards

The “Summary Card”

What are Twitter Cards and how do I use them?

Interest of a “summary card”

Summary cards are summary cards. This format corresponds to the default formatting of Twitter Cards. They make it possible to highlight a blog article or a web page by summarizing its content in order to encourage the user to consult it.

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For a news article, for example, the main title is displayed, followed by a short description that the author can optimize to grab the attention of their Twitter audience.

Configuring a “summary card”

A “summary card” consists of the title of the page to which it refers, a hypertext link, a short description and a presentation image. It is set up very easily from the interface of Twitter for professionals.

The “Summary Card with large image”

“summary card” summary card with a large image

Interest of a summary map with a large image

Twitter’s summary card with a large image has the same type of presentation as the classic “summary card”. The only difference between the two formats is the size of the image of the second. With a larger visual, the length of the description text is slightly reduced.

However, the “summary card with large image” is increasingly favored by content creators on Twitter, as it allows them to better capture the attention of Internet users in their newsfeed. Indeed, the Twitter feed brings together a large number of short contents. Integrating a large image allows you to create visual distance with other Tweets and therefore to highlight your content. Moreover, it is proven that images have a greater impact on the attention of Internet users.

Configuring a “summary card with large image”

The “summary card with large image” format of the Twitter Cards consists of the following elements:

  • A shorter description than the standard “summary card” format.
  • A title.
  • A link to the original content.
  • A preview image in large format.
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The app card

What are Twitter Cards and how do I use them?

Interest of an “app card”

The “app card” is the Twitter Card allowing users to download a mobile application directly from the Twitter interface. This metadata extension is therefore ideal for companies that want to promote a mobile application without having to send Internet users to a landing page on their website. Integrating an “app card” into a Twitter post therefore reduces the download path for Internet users of an application on iOS or Android.

In addition, Twitter being mainly used on mobile, this allows a person interested in the application presented to him to directly access the download interface.

Configuring an “app card”

The Twitter “app card” is configured as follows:

  • A description in text format.
  • A title.
  • The visual of the mobile application icon.
  • Some information about the mobile application: its price, its main features and some customer reviews.

The “player card”

What are Twitter Cards and how do I use them?

Interest of a “player card”

The “player card” is a Twitter Card that allows you to integrate a video player into the content of a Tweet. This type of card is ideal when the content of the video presented by the author of the publication is sufficient on its own. For example, as part of a social media acquisition campaign, a brand can present all the features of its new product on video. The player card targets users with a video adapted to Twitter’s requirements in terms of media format.

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Configuring a “player card”

A “player card” consists of a description, a title, a video player integrated into the publication as well as an external link allowing the user to access, for example, a landing page or to a product page on the tweeter’s website.

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