What benefits does sport have for children?

Lifestyle, key since childhood

Having a healthy lifestyle is something that should be learned from childhood at an early age, through habits that are fostered at home and at school and that promote optimal development and health.

This can be achieved with adequate sleep times, a balanced diet and by practicing some sport or exercise.

Children usually like to spend time outdoors and be sociable, which favors their taste for sports and beyond the game, they are achieving better physical and mental health.

Some considerations for practicing sports in childhood

The most advisable thing is that children have an active life from an early age, seeking that from 3 to 5 years old they are in exercise and are in movement most of the day, with this they will be able to gain the taste and habit in the long run. term.

Before a child starts in any particular sport, it is ideal to go to his pediatrician to receive an evaluation of his health status and obtain a professional opinion about the impact of said physical activity on his body.

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At the same time, it is suggested that they start gradually, without excesses or activities that require a high level of strength. The adequate time can be around 60-minute sessions a day, this in consideration of the intensity and adaptation of the minor.

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Benefits of playing sports in children

The benefits obtained by incorporating a sport from an early age can be reflected both in the physical and mental aspect of the child, some of the main benefits are:

-Increases psychomotor skills.

-Provides better cardiovascular capacity.

-Greater muscle strength is obtained.

-It favors having a proper weight and prevents childhood obesity.

-Decreases levels of anxiety, depression, stress and gives a sense of relaxation.

-Promotes better mental health and less time in video games.

-Provides motivation and a sense of satisfaction.

-Promotes an adequate level of blood pressure.

-Provides better bone health.

-Improves memory and gives a greater ability to think.

-Helps develop social skills, as well as favors companionship, integration and cooperation.

-Provides a sense of responsibility, perseverance and effort.

At what age is it advisable to start with exercise and sports?

Up to 8 years old: May include rhythm and space exercises, marching, jumping, climbing and dancing.

From 8 to 12 years old: Exercises that contribute to their growth and development of physical qualities (strength, flexibility, resistance) can be included. This period is good for learning the techniques of different sports.

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12 to 14 years: It is recommended to increase sports technique training and you can start competition to increase motivation.

From the age of 14: More specialized training in most sports can now begin.

Encourage children to practice their favorite sport!

Now that you know in more detail the benefits that children can obtain by practicing sports from childhood, you will know that there is no time to lose.

So identify which activities and sports your children like or would like to take part in and encourage them to form the habit and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Remember not to put too much pressure, or overwhelm him with classes, since the balance between play, rest, physical and mental activity is essential for his optimal development.

Source: Mayo Clinic.

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