What causes liver inflammation

Have you ever thought about the different processes that take place in your body?

It would probably take you a long time to figure out the different functions of each part.

The importance of each part of the body is vital, although in most cases you are not so aware of it. It is when you begin to have an illness or complication that one can see the relevance of having good health and the proper functioning of an organ.

What functions does the liver have?

The liver is an organ located in the upper right part of your abdomen, above the stomach. It is the largest internal organ and is about 15 cm long and weighs about 1 to 1.5 kg.

The liver is responsible for a wide variety of functions, associated with more than 500, some of the main ones are the production of bile, a substance that facilitates the elimination and decomposition of waste.

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The liver also assists in regulating the chemical levels that are present in the blood, regulates coagulation and cleanses it of harmful substances; assists in the production of some proteins, among others.

Why is the liver inflamed?

The causes that involve an inflammation in the liver can vary, however some of the most common are some virus or toxins, inactivity and/or obesity, medications, cancer, high alcohol consumption or even genetic issues.

Liver diseases that are related to an inflamed liver:

– Hepatitis.

– Cirrhosis.

– Fatty liver.

-Injuries caused by drugs.

– Liver cancer.

– Amyloidosis.

The fact that there is an inflammation in the liver is usually not coupled with the direct display of some type of notable symptom or sign.

For this reason, it is known that it is a silent condition, since the liver does not regularly give warning by itself, but the condition may be accompanied by other symptoms that point to the cause.

When symptoms appear in relation to liver disease, the following can be identified:

-Lack of appetite.

-Persistent fatigue.

-Abdominal pain or discomfort.

-Yellowish tone in the eyes or skin.


-Dark urine.

Treatment and prevention for a swollen liver

If you suspect or have noticed that you have any of the symptoms or discomforts related to an inflamed liver or liver disease of any kind, it is important to see a specialist doctor in a timely manner so that he or she can identify the cause of the disease and its degree.

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Liver care and prevention of liver diseases

Some of the ways you can help take care of your liver and prevent the risk of liver damage are:

-Maintain adequate cardiovascular fitness.

-Maintain a weight within the recommended ranges.

-Have a healthy diet.

-Do not overdo the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

-Observe the chemical products that are around you and be cautious in the contact they may have with your skin or when breathing them.

-Avoid sharing fluids, blood, needles, toothbrushes, razors or the like.

-Avoid or limit the use of medications that affect the liver.

take care of your liver

Being timely in prevention, identifying and treating liver disorders is vital to avoid further complications or irreversible damage to both the liver and the body in general. Keep an eye out for the symptoms and avoid the causes!

Sources: Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic.

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