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What changes have there been in couple relationships with social networks?


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There are many positive things that the development of technology has brought in our interpersonal relationships

The influence of technology and social networks have transformed love for couples It has facilitated interaction through personality concealment, making the environment more manageable and less hostile than face-to-face interaction, a specialist said Thursday.

In a statement, the psychoanalyst Doris Soberanis, specialist in couples therapy and teacher at the Universidad del Valle de México, Campus Santa Fe, explained that This new type of interaction allows people to stay in their individual spaces.

He explained that technology and social networks help to externalize and mediate some individual impulses, anxieties and emotions that are experienced in a relationship.

“They have allowed the unfolding of the fantasies, desires and desires that each individual seeks in the expectation of a couple’s ideology, thus providing an alternative space to get to know each other without social pressure,” he said.

In the same way, He stressed that love through social networks also causes a non-bonding effect, which for some people can be beneficial.

“Disconnecting and non-commitment facilitate rupture at will, although they do not avoid risk, but instead fall into anguish as a result of the ambivalence of liquid modernity,” he assured.

He indicated that the human couple has not always functioned in the same way, but has changed over time in relation to social and cultural transformations.

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In this sense, he said that a connection has been achieved between developed or developing countries and the constant dissemination of messages in which the change in the paradigm of culturally established roles has become general.

For example, he said, today women visualize themselves studying, working and leaving the exercise of motherhood in the background.

“These changes facilitate the encounter between men and women and the possibility of choosing a partner in a conscious way, in a relationship in which both conquer greater individual freedom,” he said.

However, this transition has also led each person to live and think individually as each member of the couple seeks professional, work and personal growth while maintaining a common life with agreements and negotiations.

The downside of this type of relationship, said the expert, is that it has revealed exacerbated symptoms of emotional and physical dependence, impulsivity and control failures that are reflected in high levels of anxiety and sadness.

“Some couples are focused on narcissism, that is, on the greatness of the self, focused on the lack of realism,” he said.

Finally, he assured that the conventional roles where the man was strong, provider and monogamous, and the weak woman, submissive and dedicated to raising children, are succumbing.

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“In this time of love, ideas of equal rights, individuality and freedom prevail that lead to the transformation of forms of family and couple coexistence,” he concluded.




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