What do I do to make it shut up

Qué hago para que se calle

We all know a person who talks up a notch and we don’t know how to politely shut them up. Sometimes it is a family member, friend or colleague who unfortunately “has to put up with it” when what you really want to do is run in the opposite direction.

To this day there is no polite way to tell another to “shut up.” That is why today I bring my best tricks that will help you get out of the dreaded “parrots” easily ..

1. Plan your excuses
When you talk to one of these subjects that you have no option to evade, be mentally clear how long is the maximum time you could endure listening to him without despairing.And please hold on a little longer than usual so that you develop the virtue of patience! And once the time limit is up, come prepared with a couple of excuses that justify leaving soon. For example: as soon as the conversation begins you look at your watch and say: “Sorry I just realized I have to make a call in 10 minutes, but keep telling me.”

2. Carry an object that you can drop
When you can’t hold it anymore, drop something you have in your hand, preferably one that makes a noise. An unexpected sound drastically impacts concentration. Have you noticed that when you talk to someone and suddenly there is an unexpected noise, the conversation automatically stops? The louder the noise, the more the conversation drifts.
Obviously you are not going to take explosives or fireworks with you, but what if you do as I do that I have a key ring with a bell that I drop in emergencies when I need to change the subject or flee heh, heh, heh.

3. My ex’s strategy
My ex-husband Bill Marín may he rest in peace whenever he wanted to close an endless conversation of those in which the other continues repeating what had already been spoken many times, but does not say goodbye, Bill without interrupting stretched out his hand and the other The person instinctively shook his hand and as if by magic concluded what he was saying, and at that moment Bill took the opportunity to say goodbye. In my case when I use this tactic, instead of reaching out, I give a big hug and it produces the same effect.

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