What do you think of this Panasonic Head Up Display ?: information in abundance

What do you think of this Panasonic Head Up Display ?: information in abundance

A few hours ago, during CES 2021, Panasonic Automotive Systems has presented its new Head Up Display of augmented reality (AR) and it is that although it is hard to believe it, the HUD market is one of the fastest growing categories in mobility.

The solutions we’ve seen to date cover more of the road, with traditional content like speed, fuel, or navigation at the driver’s eye level. We have also seen content in 3D but the reality is that the solution that Panasonic plans shows us alert data and critical details spatially mapped on the road.

He Panasonic AR HUD system projects key AI-powered 3D information into the driver’s line of sight to help reduce driver distraction and potentially increase road safety.

The AR HUD offers precise placement and optimal image positioning- In addition, the system offers intelligent optical graphic road overlays with AI for object / sign detection as well as dynamic imaging and eye tracking technology.

According to Panasonic, AI-powered AR navigation technology detects and provides multi-color 3D navigation graphics that adjust to the environment of the moving vehicle, displaying information such as lane markers and GPS arrows where sudden turns and changes such as collisions or cyclists on the road.

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Unlike other systems, the resolution is this is a Crisp and bright 4K It uses advanced laser and holography technology.

We do not yet know when this technology will begin to be commercialized, but as a general rule, these new products reach the market in less than 2 years.

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