What foods are trending this 2022?

Within the food and beverage novelties that are already present and those that will become more popular, here you will see some of the food trends that you will hear throughout the year 2022.

Every year trends in food, habits and forms of consumption tend to change in new directions and this year 2022 is no exception.

According to experts from Consumer Reportsas well as companies in the US food and restaurant industry, certain trends have been identified and proposed that are being incorporated in 2022.

Some of these trends make great sense due to the situation the world is experiencing regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

During which, people spend much of their time at home and this has caused certain habits to be modified regarding the way in which food consumption is approached and is intended to be contrasted with the way in which it proceeded in 2020 and 2021.

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Some of the most popular trends regarding food consumption in 2022 are:

– Ready-to-eat/frozen food.

  • Frozen fruits and vegetables, one more alternative in times of coronavirus.

Convenience foods and packaged and frozen food is a trend for 2022.

-Eat at home

Since 2020 with the pandemic, there is a trend to prepare food and eat at home.

  • Tips for going to the supermarket during the pandemic.

-Plant-based diets.


A vegetarian, high-vegetable diet is included, with certain exceptions where it may include foods of animal origin.

-Ghost Kitchens

With the pandemic, many businesses that sell food to take home and have home delivery use kitchens that are not in sight.

Food trends for 2022:

– Mushrooms.

-Hibiscus or hibiscus (jamaica flower) for infusions or as a condiment.

-Sunflower seeds.

– Turmeric or turmeric.

-Yuzu (citrus).

-Drinks with probiotics / carbonated / botanical elements.

-Drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails / ready-to-drink cocktails.

Try your favorite food trend of 2022

Have you already tried any of the trending foods for this year?

When you have a chance at the supermarket, look for one of them, discover their flavor and enhance the possibilities through different recipes!

It is also a good opportunity to make changes to your diet and become more aware of your consumption habits. How about trying a plant-based diet for a while? Or combine it with flexitarianism.

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These trends can give you a different notion of what it means to eat at home.

Source: Consumer Reports, Specialty Food Magazine.

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