What foods to eat during menstruation to recover

Qué alimentos debes comer durante la menstruación para recuperarte

During the menstrual cycle you are prone to increase your carbohydrate intake

During the menstruation the processes that take place at the hormonal level also influence the diet, causing them to eat foods rich in sugar or a greater amount of carbohydrates. To avoid this, we will show you the foods you must eat so that you can get better.

Foods to calm menstruation symptoms

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One of the ways you can control your blood sugar levels is divide the intakes during the day and distribute them proportionally, in such a way that you consume what is necessary and thus avoid lowering glucose levels, according to what is published on the Telva portal.

Consume whole grains, fish and nuts it will help you maintain proper levels of vitamin B6, necessary to produce serotonin.

Due to blood loss, especially if the menstruation is long, iron deficiency can occur, reason why the consumption of eggs, fish, shellfish and cereals is essential for the recovery of this mineral. If you combine it with fruits that contain vitamin C, it is possible to improve iron assimilation.

For inflammation

What foods to eat during menstruation to recover
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To control inflammation and swelling caused by menstruation, foods rich in Omega 3 are key. Among these are blue fish, walnuts, some seeds, such as chia and flaxseed.

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You must include infusions of turmeric or ginger; they can also be cayenne or cinnamonSince these spices contain anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, it limits the consumption of salt and avoids eat processed foods.

Completely discard alcoholic beverages and carbonated beverages. Drink lots of water to constantly hydrate yourself. Reduce consumption of refined sugar and industrial pastry products. If you feel that the discomfort is prolonged or the period is lengthening, do not hesitate to consult your GP.


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