What Happened to Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey?

Aaron Kaufman

If you are a fan of the motor world, surely you will not stop watching over and over again the various programs of Discovery Channel related to the world of four wheels. A few days ago we told you what happened to Edd China and Mike brewer and today we are going to talk to you about another of those broken Discovery “toys” or rather, broken by the chain and the production company with “their demands” and “changes of course”.

We don’t really know if the producers have no idea what people want or that they are looking to get so much profitability that they end up burning the most respected stars of the small screen.

Aaron Kaufman was born in Texas in January 1982 and is a renowned car and motorcycle mechanic. Although his rise to fame took place when he was associated with Richard Ray Rawlings and they launched Fast N ‘Loud -Gas Monkey Garage.

In Discovery Chanel, Kaufman was already known to many prior to this successful program and he had participated in the show Overhaulin with Chip Foose – although he didn’t have his familiar bushy beard at the time.

Kaufman debuted as a skilled mechanic at a local garage, the same place where his star career began. Dedicated mainly to motorcycles, Kaufman participated in Orange County Choppers and finished second.

One day Richard Rawlings discovered him at work and asked the owner for a mechanic to repair his 53 Ford Mainline. Rawlings was impressed and this is where their friendship and partnership began.

The duo developed a strong relationship that led to the creation of Gas Monkey Garage, which later made it to television as Fast n ‘loud.

The show premiered on June 6, 2012, on the Discovery Channel and featured Rawlings and Kaufman as owners of the Gas Monkey custom shop. The series boosted Kaufman’s popularity because the show had a pull as audiences loved the way they both worked, searching for damaged vehicles and putting them back on the road.

Although Aaron Kaufman received around $ 50,000 per episode – estimates according to experts- and his success boosted his Social Networks -which also brought him thousands of dollars a month in sponsorships.

In 2017, after 13 years of relationship, Kaufman gave up his partnership with Rawlings because he was not doing what he really wanted and was working under a lot of pressure.

According to Aaron Kaufman, the pace of the program was very stressful And it is that while the projects like the ones they were carrying would be around a period of 10 months on average, in the Discovery ChannelThese projects took between 3 and 6 weeks, so it was not possible to pay the necessary attention to each project, something that he did not like at all.

According to Kaufman, the direction of the program wanted small projects and a lot of volumes and he liked large projects with big cars better, something incompatible with the “timing” of the production company.

Actually Aaron Kaufman is present in Shifting Gears in which very detailed projects are carried out and each one of them covers three episodes. You can also see it in the program Aaron Needs a Job in which he travels throughout the United States seeking new methods of work and industrialization.

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