What Happened to Mike Brewer from Jewels on Wheels?

What Happened to Mike Brewer from Jewels on Wheels?

All the stories have two parts and although a few days ago we told you the what happened to edd china, today it’s the turn of Mike brewer, another of the harmed parties in the strange decision of the producer Velocity by which the format of Jewels on Wheels and that ended up being the beginning of the end of the successful Discovery show.

They were successful and the formula worked perfectly but after 13 seasons broadcasting one of the most successful television programs related to the motor world, the production company of Jewels on Wheels decided to take another direction, making the explanations of Edd China and his shots repairing cars and parts were “expendable” and shorter. As after the fourteenth season the figure of the mechanic would have less prominence and Edd China did not want to go through the hoop of Velocity and Discovery, he decided to end his successful television career. Mike Brewer went on and was joined by Edd’s replacement, a successful mechanic and designer named Ant Anstead.

What Happened to Mike Brewer from Jewels on Wheels?

Although the Mike-Edd tandem was replaced by the Mike-Ant duo, the show went under two seasons later and in 2018, after 15 seasons, it stopped filming.

Mike Brewer was born on August 28, 1964 in London and is a former British car salesman.

Mike Brewer acquired his love for cars very young, something that his father passed on to him. Little by little, Mike did various businesses and became an honest and respected deal. Specializing in off-road vehicles prior to his appearance on the show, Mike was not doing badly at all until he met a producer who made him rise to fame with shows like Deals on Wheels, Driven, Auto Trader, Pulling Power and many others, although what made him gain height was Jewel on Wheels.

After the closure of Jewels on Wheels Mike created another series called Wheeler Dealers Trading Up to show his skills as a salesman as well as a delivery of 3 DVDs called Frontline Battle Machines showing the war machine.

What Happened to Mike Brewer from Jewels on Wheels?

In addition to all this, Mike’s television career launched him to be the host of the British Rally Championship and the Isle of Man TT. Mike Brewer has been a guest star at many motor racing events all over the world.

Today, Mike owns Mike Brewer Motors, a second-hand car dealer that he owns with his wife.

In addition to several awards as a presenter, Mike also has his own YouTube channel already collaborated with specialized media such as Carthrottle.

Mike has undoubtedly fared considerably better after the hit Jewels on Wheels show, however we all stick with Edd China …

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