What Happens If You Eat Only Beans For 40 Days: An Ultramarathon Runner Found Out

What Happens If You Eat Only Beans For 40 Days: An Ultramarathon Runner Found Out

Inspired by the story of a mother who fed her children only beans

Beau Miles is a doctor who decided to become a “Human bean”. He conducted an experiment to study the effects of a bean diet on his body without eating anything else at all for 40 days and at the end run a 50-kilometer ultramarathon in the mountains.

Children who only ate beans

Miles’s challenge was inspired in a scene from the novel Tortilla Flat by American author John Steinbeck. In the book, Teresina Cortez is a single mother who feeds her nine children only with beans directly on the floorboards. When the school nurse learns of the case, a doctor checks the children and they realize they are healthy.

The runner from Australia likes beans and wanted to find out how he feels on a diet of just those beans. He determined to eat his weight (initially 85 kg) in beans, not on the ground but in cold cans.

He ate beans at home, at work, with friends, on the subway, on the plane, during his workouts, everywhere.

He lost 4.1 kilos, had 15 runs, and ran 110 km

He was used to eating vegetables, legumes, dairy, fruits, grains, cereals, meat, coffee, and tea. That variety of foods was reduced to just beans, 191 cans in 40 days, last during the marathon. Made analysis before, during, and after your experiment.

“How I feel when I run correlates with what I eat, that all my life I’ve been eating everything,” Beau said.

In the first days, it began by having more gas. Already on the fourth day, he reported a constant decrease in energy and mood, although the effects would be linked to the lack of coffee. So as not to go crazy the Only luxury was tea with a splash of milk.

He began his workouts during the bean diet with 5 km and increased the distances. It didn’t feel like before, “it’s like you were running hungover or sleepless”, He described.

After two weeks I was more irritable and annoying. I was losing a few pounds he felt slim but he was fitter. He could keep running because, in the end, he points out that he had no limited energy.

During your bean diet lost 4.1 kilos had 15 races and covered 110 km.

He came to feel that his whole body was beans

On the day of the Beau, Miles race ran slowly but surely to the finish line, it was a sensation gratifying. Knowing that you are what you eat and what he is capable of based on it. He came to feel that her whole body was beans, his eyes, his hair, his heart.

“Steinbeck was right, if you have 400 pounds of beans in the house you are not afraid of starting Miles said.

The bean eater documented the entire process in which he learned a lot about his own relationship with food. The emotional connection that humans have with it and how mood is affected when you limit yourself to just one food. It’s not all about satiating your appetite and nutrients.

“You have no limited energy when you are full of beans… The grocery store represents the full spectrum of human beings, we are what we eat, our culture, society, moods, our physical and meaningful life is probably through food… by reducing what I buy in the store I reduced my ability to feel those emotions Bear said at the end of his experiment.

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