What happens in the body when you eat after hours

Lo que sucede en el cuerpo cuando comes a deshoras

Eating after hours is a practice associated with digestive health problems, problems with body weight, metabolism and metabolic syndrome.

The lifestyle, habits and custom with which we live are directly related to our state of health. That is why in recent years beyond a fashion have come to light all kinds of wellness trends who act as a faithful tool to live healthier, it is because of that The nutrition is more important than ever.

While much has been said about basically it turns out to follow a balanced diet, the quality of the nutrients we consume is not the only important point; schedules and regularity with which we feed are also aspects that they play an important role. These are details that are closely related to the lifestyle of the peopleof course follow a poor diet and the high stress levels they intervene; however ingrained customs like skipping breakfast, eating very late, and eating unbalanced between meals, are factors that are directly related to affectations in the general health.

The truth is that on many occasions we do not realize what happens in the body when we eat after hours. Important part of develop healthy eating habits it is not only based on focusing on the consumption of Whole foods and nutritionally powerful speaking, requires discipline in schedules.

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What happens in the body?

It is essential to understand that absolutely all physiological activities performed by the body happen to Cardiac rhtyms, it could be said that it is the concept equivalent tol internal clock that we have all living beings and which are regulated by a central clock. There are factors that affect your timing, eating earlier or later is one of them.

That is why it has various research works that emphasize the consequences that flow from eat later, is said to be a practice that induces a higher calorie consumption and affects both metabolism and weight. At the same time, an increased risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, alterations in insulin, sugar, cholesterol and various coronary heart disease. That is why in recent months fasting has become one of the most popular health trendss, since it promotes establish healthy hours that promote dinner as early as possible and give the body a rest.

Know the negative effects on health:

Eat after hours as part of a daily routine is derived in health effects, some of immediate effect and others to be seen reflected over the long term.

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Digestive problems

All that affectation in the digestive and intestinal health will be considered as the first warning signs. The organism respect their schedules and is used to receiving food at certain times of the day to obtain the energy you need to continue. Eating at the wrong time is related to reflux, acidity, fullness, poor digestion, gas and excessive inflammation.

Cardiometabolic effects

Irregular mealss are directly associated with negative effects on cardiovascular health and an increased risk of suffering metabolic syndrome, which as mentioned in the beginning is associated with high blood pressure and an increase in body mass index. Also the irregular meals are a habit that is related to affectations in the levels of sugar in the blood and the risk of suffering from dangerous “glucose spikes.”

Possible overweight or obesity

Eating after hours is directly related to a uncontrolled food intake, which on many occasions are high in calories and with no nutritional contribution. Especially at night it is related to more drastic effects on body weight and produces overweight or in some cases obesity. Eat healthy and on time, regulates appetite and preserves satiety for longer.


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