What happens when you mix alcohol with sex?

¿Qué sucede cuando mezclas alcohol con sexo?

Alcohol can increase sexual desire in women and makes men feel more secure.

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Alcohol and sex is a common combination. Some drink because they consider there is a greater disinhibition, release and excitement. We will see how aphrodisiac it is and what its effects are on men and women when it comes to action. Yes we talk about desire, performance and orgasms.


Alcohol consumption has effects on female arousal, desire, responsiveness, and sexual behavior.


Women can feel more attractive and also see other more attractive people.

Alcohol often plays an important role in spontaneous sexual encounters, since, according to studies, it reduces the criteria for selecting a partner. It happens that often people are no longer attracted to the couple after the encounter and the post-sex regret.

“When you’re drunk, you can see someone and say, damn, it looks great. Then you wake up, you say, oh what the hell did I just do? ”

(Woman, 25 years old)

Sexual desire

A drink or two could increase sexual desire since alcohol increases the levels of testosterone in women.

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Body response

While alcohol can increase arousal. He excessive consumption can decrease the response of the body, specifically in genitals.

Alcohol has an effect numb in the genitals and there may be a decreased sensation.

With arousal, the body prepares for intercourse by increasing blood flow to the genitals, causing them to swell and lubricate. But drinking too much can also affect these responses, causing a less vaginal lubrication and difficulty reaching orgasm. So if the meeting lasts longer does not mean that the experience is really being pleasant.


What happens when you mix alcohol with sex?
Excess alcohol in men and women causes a low genital response. Photo: Shutterstock


As with women, in men, alcohol can increase sexual desire and excitement.


Men can feel safer and “less demanding” when they are looking for someone to have sex with.

The more men and women drink, the more prone to risky sexual behaviors, such as unprotected sex, which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Body response

A couple of drinks come to ignite desire and to be uninhibited, but exceed consumption will difficult for the penis to get hard and maintain an erection.

According to Healtline, alcohol affects your erection because:

  • Decreases blood flow to the penis.
  • Increases angiotensin, a hormone linked to erectile dysfunction.
  • Depress your central nervous system.
  • It can delay ejaculation.
  • A couple of drinks are unlikely to keep you from ejaculating, but drinking too much can.
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Delayed ejaculation

Consuming too much alcohol can cause delayed ejaculation, it takes 30 minutes or more of stimulation sexual to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Some men may can’t ejaculate not at all (anejaculation), explains Mayo Clinic.

Men with alcohol dependence are more likely to experience problems like erectile dysfunction, unsatisfactory orgasm, premature ejaculation and loss of libido.

To take into account

Having drunk sex can be accompanied by nausea, dizziness. There is a high probability of falling asleep or falling asleep, that there is no erection and that you cannot reach orgasm.

With excessive alcohol consumption it is more difficult to control movements and communicate with the partner. Avoid engaging in sexual activity when either of you is too drunk to have clear consent to everything that can happen.

One or two alcoholic beverages can help spark desire and increase confidence during sex. Controlling your alcohol consumption can make you have a more pleasant experience, remember that if you go over the account you will have a bad genital response.


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