What if brightness is limited on MacBook Pro or Pro Display XDR?

Pro Display XDR

Despite a purchase of several thousand euros, it happens that even the most advanced machines on the market are victims of a few flaws. This is particularly the case of Macbook Pro with a Liquid Retina XDR screen, in other words the 14 and 16 inch editions which arrived on the French market at the end of 2021.

Indeed, Apple explains in a document just published on its site that the brightness of these devices can be too “limited“. Another product is also concerned; this is the external monitor ProDisplay XDR which could soon be available in more compact versions.

The problem…

In fact, in macOS Big Sur and Monterey, a small icon with a “Warning” (⚠️) may appear in the widget Monitor from the Control Center where the user usually adjusts the brightness with a horizontal slider. This then means that the brightness of the panel is reduced automatically by the operating system, but this is not a real bug.

There may be several reasons behind this error, including a ambient temperature too high of the room where the computer is running, or too long a request for the screen at maximum power. In this case, Apple then offers five different solutions that are easy to set up in just a few clicks.

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…and how to fix it

The first solution is simply to lower the temperature of the premises, for example by using an air conditioner. Otherwise, it may also be a good idea to close or minimize the windows of software broadcasting HDR content, or which would consume too much memory. To do this, consult the statistics of the app Activity Monitor serves as a fairly reliable reference.

The last two alternatives are to either restore the default display settings or put on stand by Mac or Pro Display XDR for five to ten minutes. This should in theory cool the components.

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