What if the iPhone 14 Pro was inspired by the Google Pixel 6 Pro?

Pixel 6 Pro

Presented last October, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is the best in terms of mobile from Alphabet. It can thus easily be compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, the high-end versions of Apple smartphones. The diagonal of the screen, for example, reaches 6.71 inches on Pixel 6 Pro versus 6.7 inches on iPhone 13 Pro Max. But there are some features that the Cupertino standard-bearer lacks.

Among them, the USB-C port sure. This offers the possibility of recharging your device with the same cable as your other peripherals, which avoids multiplying the equipment to take with you on the move. We can also cite the case of the definition of the screen, which reaches 1,440 x 3,120 pixels at Google for a density of 512 ppi while the iPhone 13 Pro Max are content with 1,284 x 2,778 pixels for 458 ppi, the fault of the rather protruding notch. An intruder which should however soon disappear, in favor of a punch like on the Pixel 6 Pro.


On the velocity side, Apple has so far been a benchmark with its proprietary chips. But with the Pixel 6 Pro, Alphabet has done the same with a Tensor processor whose benchmark results have nothing to envy to their competitors under iOS. What’s more, you should know that with this Android product, you will be entitled to 12 GB RAM. At Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro only ship half as much. It is rumored, however, that the iPhone 14 will do better, but not yet enough to catch up with the Pixel even if during tests in real conditions the two are equal.

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Even at the battery level, Tim Cook’s group could take the 6 Pro as an example. Indeed, it is endowed with an autonomy of at least one day with no less than 5003mAh of capacity while the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is the best supplied at Apple, is limited to 4,352 mAh.

Price: comparative

Finally, let’s look at the prices of our two phablets. Count 899 euros for the basic Google Pixel 6 Pro with 128 GB of RAM or €1,159 (+29%) for an iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inches) with the same storage space. The fingerprint sensor and the 50 megapixels on the back less.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

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