What if the iPhone had new shells to start the year off right?


While Apple’s keynote, the first of this year 2022, is expected to take place in the coming weeks, iPhones will certainly not be at the heart of Tim Cook’s team conference. But in Cupertino we continue to think about the brand’s telephone, but in a slightly more indirect way.

If the iPhone 14 is at the heart of many rumors, others are content to recall that the iPhone 13 is still relevant, and Apple intends to highlight it during this new conference. Indeed, the brand’s phone could be entitled to new MagSafe shells, these will be presented during the conference, at least this is the bet taken by Majin Bu, an expert of the apple brand who has already proven in the past.

The latter has published several photos of the new hulls of the Cupertino company. If the analyst did not mention the Apple Watch, the brand’s connected watch, the latter should also be entitled to special bracelets for this new conference.

Four new colors to start 2022 off right

A great way to match your phone and your watch, as the new year really begins during this month of March for Apple. As for the MagSafe cases presented by Majin Bu, four new colors are expected to arrive in the next month. It should be a yellow, green, orange, but also purple shell.

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As for the rest of the Apple conference, the latter could be an opportunity for the Cupertino company to present a new generation of its iPhone SE, the third of its name. It is also anticipated that Apple will take the opportunity to launch a new version of its iPad Air. The latter should in particular have the right to Apple’s flagship feature: Central Stage.

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