What Impact for the Page that Hosts it?

Google, through John Mueller, clarified a question some webmasters and SEOs had about iframes and their impact on indexing.

Will an iframe whose source code includes a noindex meta robots impact the indexing of the page that hosts it?


If a web page in meta robots index, follow integrates in its content an iframe of a page in noindex, the page that hosts the iframe will remain well indexable in the eyes of Google.

This may seem obvious to many webmasters and SEOs, but official confirmation from Google never hurts!

Is the content of an iframe taken into account as content of the page that hosts it?


Just as an iframe cannot forward its indexing directives, content that is embedded in an iframe is not considered by crawlers like the content of the page that hosts the iframe.

The authorship of the content and the source code goes to the page that published the content initially.

Reminder: what is an iframe?

The iframe is an HTML tag that allows you to insert one web page into another.. It can be used to embed videos, maps, forms or other content from a third party site. Iframes have long been used to embed advertisements on websites, but they now come with many security and privacy risks.


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