What Inflation Won’t Change About Your Next iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro

While Europe is experiencing its worst recession for ten years, Apple is already thinking about the next day. The apple firm has indeed come to order five million more iPhone 14s from its subcontractors, according to information straight from the Taiwan Economic Times. In total, 95 million units would thus be in the boxes for the first wave of orders. This will then be followed by other deliveries over the next few quarters, to reach perhaps half a billion models sold, as with the iPhone 13.

This is good news: in this way, Apple can in theory make sure to take advantage of cheaper wholesale rates. However, we know that reducing production costs has been one of its priorities in recent weeks. And if the question of Cupertino’s profits is an obvious reason, that of the impact on the end consumer is also…

The price !

Indeed, in this way Apple can also easily offer a more affordable price for in-store shoppers even if chip shortages and inflation continue. And with less money to spend, more prospects would be able to renew their mobile equipment: bingo.

the Taiwan Economic Times even goes so far as to say that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the most sold, although they are announced as the most expensive of the next Apple collection. So certainly, it will surely cost more than a thousand euros to offer you this model, but it would still have a large 6.7-inch screen and a ProMotion refresh rate of one hundred and twenty frames per second.

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Your mobile payments

Also, as central banks raise interest rates to deal with the crisis, know that Cupertino does not intend to pass on such major economic changes to its customers. Indeed, with Apple Pay it is the banking establishments that are billed by Apple on a percentage basis, on each transaction. Not you ! This concerns both accounts opened in France and Belgium as well as physical Apple Cards, available only in the United States for the moment.

When it comes to monthly iPhone subscriptions, on the other hand, there is still concern…

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