what is a computer sandbox?

what is a computer sandbox?

A sandbox is a cybersecurity system. Sandbox for sandbox in French: like the sandbox isolates children’s games, the sandbox isolates computer processes. This isolation is intended to protect the host operating system when executing suspicious code or malicious software that could infect the user’s computer or phone.

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By extension, the sandbox also designates the software which makes it possible to deploy a test environment when developing an application, a module, an integration, a theme or an update of a site or a web page.

In IT development, the sandbox refers to this same isolated environment, but for different purposes. It is indeed a question of testing the correct functioning of a code and checking the result of its execution, before actually putting it into production.

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What is the point of using a sandbox?

The sandbox creates an isolated temporary environment, separate from the operating system. The use of the sandboxing system targets 2 distinct issues:

  • Ensure cybersecurity : securing IT systems is a major issue for the company in the context of the development of new technologies. The risk of computer attacks and bugs increases as the work environment becomes interconnected. However, the company must preserve not only its intangible assets, but also its reputation. Setting up a sandbox for delicate IT processes is an effective protection measure.
  • Develop digital tools : the company that provides its customers with software or applications hosted in the cloud must be able to develop and update its solutions; Likewise, a company that uses digital platform-type work tools internally must be able to develop them. But before going into production, tests are necessary. A sandbox then makes it possible not to disrupt the user experience and not to interrupt use during development operations.

Use a sandbox to protect the operating system

The sandbox system aims to run a potentially dangerous program or software, open a questionable file received by email or downloaded, or access a suspicious website, in a secure environment. The action is performed in the sandbox: the risk is analyzed, which makes it possible to verify whether the code is indeed malicious. Otherwise, the virus will not have spread to the computer or the phone. The threat is thus confined in the sandbox, executed behind closed doors in a safe place. Ultimately, the user avoids system crashes by preventing software vulnerabilities from spreading.

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Use a sandbox to test the user experience

When used for testing, the sandbox system allows the developer to work on content, in an isolated environment that reflects the production count but does not affect it. HubSpot’s sandbox software, for example, allows you to try out different integrations before adding them to the production account. The program is thus tested as it is developed, without impacting use in real time. In this way, the user experience can be perfectly optimized.

How does a sandbox work?

The sandbox is an environment without access to the network, data, or other operating system applications.

In the field of cybersecurity, the sandbox is one of the effective protection tools. Unlike the firewall which prevents the entry of unauthorized machines into the user’s computer or private network, the sandbox allows access, but in a protected closed environment. The sandbox comes in various forms:

  • A full-fledged system security solution.
  • A feature built into cybersecurity software.
  • The sandbox system directly integrated into the operating system. The best-known example: Windows 10 has a sandbox to add an additional layer of security, and thus protect the computer in optimal conditions.

In the field of IT development, the sandbox system makes it possible to simulate the user experience before going into production. With this in mind, the sandbox is integrated into the tool to be developed, a CRM for example, and is in the form of a test environment.

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