What is an Amazon Partner and how do I become one?

What is an Amazon Partner and how do I become one?

Amazon’s partnership offer is an affiliate system for monetizing online activity through the promotion of products sold on the Amazon marketplace. Becoming an Amazon partner is relatively simple. Just follow all the registration steps on the platform.

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The operation of the Amazon partner program as well as the procedure to follow to join it are detailed in this article.

What is the Amazon Associates Club?

The Amazon Associates Club is the affiliate program of the Amazon platform. This system makes it possible to collect revenue by placing advertisements of Amazon products on its own website.

The Amazon Partners club is for professionals wishing to generate passive income in addition to their main activity. It is ideal, for example, for blog owners, who can link the themes of their editorial line to related products. Their readers are then engaged leads who make excellent potential customers for the promoted brand. By clicking on the link placed by the Amazon partner on its site, they land directly on the product page on Amazon.

It is via the hypertext link that the affiliation works. Thanks to a system of tracking, the advertiser then receives a commission on the sales made thanks to his promotion.

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Why become an Amazon Partner?

Becoming an Amazon Partner is an interesting opportunity to diversify your sources of income on the Internet. Betting on affiliation is indeed a relevant strategy to start generating passive income in addition to sales activities or online content creation.

Affiliate marketing is not Amazon’s monopoly. It is possible to promote products or services marketed on other platforms. The objective is to advertise the products or services of brands other than one’s own and to obtain a share of the profits generated by their sale. Affiliate marketing is based on a commission distribution system. Becoming an affiliate therefore allows you to create a source of regular income. Setting up affiliate-based ads requires initial investment, but quickly generates passive income through the visibility of one or more websites.

To start in affiliation, Amazon is the ideal platform. It has a great reputation, a set of guarantees for buyers as well as an extremely efficient sales department.

Joining the Amazon Associates club allows you to discover affiliate marketing without having to manage your sales and customers. The mission of the Amazon partner is to promote one or more products. The platform takes care of the rest!

Moreover, it is a well-established system in which the work of the partners is respected at its fair value. Commissions owed by Amazon to advertisers are paid regularly. Their accounting management is therefore greatly facilitated.

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How to become an Amazon Partner?

To become an Amazon Partner, you must first register at partners.amazon.fr and follow the steps indicated by the platform. It is possible to use a particular Amazon account to register for the Amazon Associates Club.

To start promoting your first Amazon products, all you have to do after registration is select the most relevant products via the management interface reserved for affiliates. The hypertext links of the products in question can then be inserted on any website to create an advertisement that refers to the product sheet concerned, directly on the Amazon platform.

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