What is and how to recognize a toxic relationship?

What is and how to recognize a toxic relationship?

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Toxic relationships are much more frequent than we think, simply because many people do not know how to recognize them, or do not accept that they are submerged in one of them. The truth is that having a toxic relationship goes far beyond a few fights as a couple. It has to do with an unequal treatment between two people where one of them takes advantage of the weakness of the other and harms it.

This damage undoubtedly begins with gestures and attitudes. Then it is usually transformed into verbal attacks that, if not stopped in time, become physical and in the worst case end in death.

It seems exaggerated, but it is not, and in most cases, women are the victims. That is why unfortunately there are so many femicides, also called femicides, a term that is used to define the murder of a woman at the hands of a man (usually her partner) for the sole fact of being a woman and considering her as his possession (machismo or misogyny ).

This problem plagues the entire world and is further aggravated during quarantine by the inability for women to leave their homes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is really difficult to accept that we are in a toxic relationship, but the first thing you need to know to clear things up: if it hurts, it is not love. If you do not feel happy, you feel manipulated, mistreated, if you feel that your self-esteem is below and you are dependent on your partner, you should review and change because in that case you are not going in the right way.

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Loving ties should drive us to be better, more self-confident and should not be suffocating. Finally, although it is a complex process, it is not impossible to get out of a toxic relationship, it all starts with a first step: recognizing it. Then you can support yourself with support groups (family, friends, therapy). If you are being attacked, do not remain silent.

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