What is Facebook certification and how do I get it?

What is Facebook certification and how do I get it?

Despite the launch of many social networks in recent years, Facebook remains the most used in the world. The platform alone has almost 3 billion active users. Animating an account there is therefore a mandatory step for all brands.

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In order to avoid impostures and doubts about the authenticity of the page, there is a Facebook certification. Here’s how to get it step by step.

Facebook certification: what is it?

The Facebook certification certifies that the page of a brand, a media or a public figure is authentic. It was created to allow users to detect fake accounts. Each certified page is stamped with a blue and white badge that can be found next to its name.

hubspot facebook verified account

Why certify your Facebook page?

Brands have a vested interest in having their account verified, primarily for trust and credibility reasons. Because any public entity page that does not have Facebook certification can now seem suspicious.

Gain the trust of your audience

In the all-digital era where piracy and “fakes” are part of the daily lives of Internet users, it is essential for brands to gain in authenticity. Fake accounts abound on Facebook and obtaining certification seems to be the basis of a relationship of trust with its audience. The famous blue dot assures users that it is the brand that speaks to them and not an impostor with possibly malicious intentions. It’s also a great way for businesses to protect themselves from false rumors started by fake profiles.

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Increase your visibility on search results pages

Authenticating your Facebook account allows you to instantly go up in the results of the network’s search engine. This means better visibility and therefore more visitors. For example, the keyword “apple” shows in first place the certified account of the French singer carrying out her activity under this pseudonym. Without this authentication, she could have passed after a cooking group dedicated to apples or even a local apple sale ad.

Improve your credibility with the public

The presence of the blue badge on a page is proof that it is serious and has value. Certification therefore attracts users who need benchmarks in a universe where the content seems infinite. By clicking on a verified account, they know they will be getting truthful, quality information from a recognized brand or entity.

Access branded content

For companies and personalities, being certified also means having access to publishing branded content. This tool is useful mainly for those who make partnerships with brands or media. It is used to identify a sponsor with one click and to optimize the collaboration set up with him.

What are the requirements for obtaining Facebook certification?

Having a verified account is not accessible to everyone. To qualify for the famous badge, you must meet certain criteria:

  • The account must be authentic: it represents a person or a company whose existence can be proven.
  • It is unique: a personality or a brand can only have one account. For example, there cannot be 2 certified accounts named Netflix.
  • The profile must be complete: it contains at least a photo, an about, a linked page and a publication.
  • The person or company is famous and highly sought after: for this, it must prove a certain notoriety through articles in the media for example.
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How to certify your Facebook page?

Accessing the certified badge application form is not straightforward. It does not appear on any profile menu. Here are the steps to follow to get there.

To get started, you have to go to their profile, click on the arrow button at the very top right of the page, then choose “Help and assistance”.

facebook main menu

A new menu appears: select “Help pages”.

Facebook help pages menu

To find information that deals with Facebook certification, it is best to use the search bar located at the very top, in the center of the page. To do this, write the question “How do I request a verified badge on Facebook?” and press enter.

facebook help search bar

The page to consult is in the first place of the results. Click on it to access it.

Facebook help search results

This help page contains the link to access the request form. This appears in blue and is called “fill out this form”.

Facebook certification help page

After clicking on the link, the form appears on the screen. Now is the time to fill it out. To start, you have to choose between verifying the profile or a page. An account can only have one profile, on the other hand, it can have many pages for its different brands or stores for example.

Facebook certification form

Step 1 consists of proving your identity or that of your company by providing an official document of your choice:

  • driver’s license
  • passport
  • national ID card
  • tax return
  • recent utility bill
  • social status

After selecting the type of document from the drop-down menu, it must be loaded by clicking on the “choose files” button.

Step 2 validates the public interest of the profile or page. Different information is required, starting with the category. It is a question here of choosing the domain of the brand: fashion, sport, politics, influencer among others. Then, you have to indicate in which country it is the most popular.

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Then come 2 optional elements that it is preferable to fill in to put the odds on your side. This remark is particularly valid for young brands that doubt their legitimacy. The first consists in describing its audience, the second in listing all the names by which the personality or the company is known, in particular in foreign languages.

Finally, the form offers to enter 5 links leading to web pages proving the reputation of the brand. This can be a social network displaying a large number of subscribers or even press articles. On the other hand, it is necessary at all costs to avoid referring to sponsored content, because Facebook does not take it into account. The platform can even use it to justify a refusal of certification.

Once the form is completed, simply send it by clicking on the blue button located at the bottom right and wait for the response from the social network.

Facebook certification is a mandatory step for any public entity wishing to gain credibility with its audience. Doing without the blue badge can, at best, be taken for amateurism, at worst generate mistrust. Today, on the web in general and social networks in particular, authenticity has become an essential criterion for content selection. Users need to rely on official sources for information. Facebook certification helps them quickly identify which ones they can view with confidence.

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