What is inbound recruiting?

What is inbound recruiting?

Gone are the days of posting job vacancies in newspapers and on billboards, and while posting an ad online to find the perfect candidate for a job can be very risky, it is possible for a job. company to act proactively in recruitment and to put in place an inbound recruiting approach that takes advantage of marketing tools.

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The birth of inbound recruiting

Inbound marketing has long proven its relevance and effectiveness in attracting leads and growth, within the companies that adopt it. It mainly owes its success to understanding the radical change in purchasing behavior brought about by the digital revolution.

Today’s customer does a lot of research before buying. He compares, reads the opinions of others, consults blog articles, at home or directly in a store with his smartphone. This development is identical in the recruiter-candidate relationship.

From now on, a potential candidate will obtain information online about a company likely to hire him. The information he collects through blogs, social networks or review sites like Glassdoor will influence his decision whether or not to join this company in the long term.

It is clear that the inbound marketing methodology aims to generate qualified leads with quality content perfectly suited to recruitment. So much so that the term now favored is inbound recruiting. The lead becomes the candidate and the branding becomes the management of the employer brand.

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The stakes are high in many economic sectors which are struggling to find skills (developers, salespeople, researchers). The approach to recruitment can no longer be only top-down. Businesses need to be attractive to attract the best candidates. In fact, recruiters, just like marketers, have a duty to work on their digital employer brand, their e-reputation or their influence on social networks.

What is the point of inbound recruiting?

Qualitative applications, an increase in the signing rate of employment contracts, but also a decrease in employee turnover, inbound recruitment increases the quality of recruitment while reducing the costs of acquiring talent.

Increase the quality of recruitment while lowering costs

By working well on its content and its image, the company in search of talent acquires visibility with candidates with the profile it is recharging. In a way, this is a connection previously most often carried out by recruitment agencies. Moreover, with an inbound recruiting approach, after one year the cost of acquiring candidates drops by 85% and the time taken for the recruitment process drops by 49% according to NewsBreed.

The average cost of recruiting in France is € 3,750. And that cost can triple when done by a recruiting firm charging around 25% of the candidate’s annual salary. However, such a sum is only used for a single candidate. Conversely, an inbound recruiting budget makes it possible to supply a continuous flow of potential candidates with the effect of reducing the cost and duration of the procedure.

How to do inbound recruiting?

Address the candidate persona

The first step will be to define the profile of your ideal candidates (on the same principle as the creation of buyers personas). This will allow you to determine who the candidates you are targeting are, what information they are looking for and where.

Inbound recruiting is powerful because it makes it possible to reach passive candidates who are not actively seeking. With 79% of potential candidates who are in fact in passive search, to recruit the best profiles, you will have a better chance of reaching them by publishing content that will interest them or by organizing a hackathon rather than by posting an ad on a site. employment.

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Communicate on the company’s values

Corporate values ​​influence the choice of the candidate. Moreover, 40% of new recruits leave their jobs within 6 months of being hired. If for some employees, technical skills are the cause, for others, it would be a non-alignment with the values ​​of the company.

Clear communication and highlighting of the corporate culture, as HubSpot does with the Culture Code, make it possible to attract candidates in line with the values ​​carried by the company. For the employer, the decrease in turnover linked to non-adherence to the corporate culture helps ease the tensions associated with it.

Explain employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is the process put in place by a company for these employees to promote it. Employees are thus encouraged to make their company known to the public via social networks and even in their private circle. Some companies use this process in their recruiting process. Employees who put a candidate in contact with the employer are rewarded when hired. Compensation can be financial or exercised in kind. Different types of bonuses may exist, for direct co-options, where employees nominate candidates with whom they have already traded for a position, and for indirect co-options where employees share links to job postings with a tracking URL. .

Showcase your talents

Giving visibility to your teams and talents is an integral part of inbound recruiting. Gone are the days when only members of management were entitled to their photo on a website or in a publication. Today, motivation also involves public recognition of everyone’s skills.

Beyond the professional qualities of the employees, the company will take care to highlight their human qualities. Moreover, it is no longer rare to see posts on social networks mentioning birthdays or recounting moments of relaxation spent with colleagues. This more transparent communication helps candidates to project themselves into the company and to identify with its employees. If your site does not lend itself to this, you can create a communication channel on social networks dedicated to the internal life of the company.

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Work on your careers page

The Careers page of a company’s website centralizes the available job offers. It is also the ideal place to work on the employer brand. A successful career page is an attractive page for applicants and employees.

A good career page is:

  • Ergonomic: it is intuitive and designed to make it easier for the Internet user to read. The application process is easy to use.
  • Dynamic: content such as videos, documents to download or even help notifications make an impression.
  • Useful: information on internal or external recruitments, on the company or on the application procedures are exhaustive and up to date.

Content to integrate on a career page:

  • Job offers.
  • Company information such as key figures or success stories.
  • A presentation.
  • Information on recruitment procedures.
  • Testimonials from employees.
  • Business cards.
  • Information on the corporate culture.

Listening to employees

If a potential candidate goes online to find out about a company that might hire them, the information available on social media or Glassdoor will influence their decision. It will therefore be necessary to invest the same efforts to treat the comments of your employees in the same way as to respond to the opinions of the customers.

For a candidate, it will be interesting to see the positive and negative reviews, and this is an opportunity for you to respond that reflects the sincerity and the company’s commitment to finding solutions. This gives candidates insight into the importance that is placed on employee feedback. But these efforts must be put in place proactively to avoid the dissatisfaction of employees, who will inevitably end up sharing their opinions outside the company. It is possible to set up internal satisfaction surveys to raise the points of friction. Note that publishing the results internally will also be a guarantee of transparency.

To go further in the inbound methodology, download this complete inbound recruiting guide and get your message out effectively.

Inbound recruiting: your best weapon in the talent race

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