what is it and how to do it (+ examples)

what is it and how to do it (+ examples)

Instagram Highlights is a feature introduced by the social network in 2017, to compensate for the ephemeral nature of the Story. A visible and lasting element, it is highlighted on the account profile: the Highlight, as a “featured” Story, represents a powerful communication tool at the service of brands. Since 2017, the success and frank and companies seize it, all sectors of activity combined and whatever their size. Influencer, tech startup, individual entrepreneur or even internationally renowned brand: most professional accounts display Highlights on their Instagram profile.

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How to take advantage of this functionality? For a real marketing impact, it is important to know the best practices.

What is an Instagram Highlight?

The Highlight feature of the Instagram social network allows the account holder to offer Stories in a sustainable and organized way, on the front page of their profile.

Unlike a Story, which automatically disappears 24 hours after its publication, the Highlight remains accessible as long as its author does not delete it. This durability justifies the investment of time and money required to create the content. Another advantage of Highlight: the account holder enriches its content with high added value information.

Instagram Highlights are used to organize the content of the account like the pages of a website. The subscriber clicks on the Highlight which interests him to consult its content, just as he would click on a page of the website menu. Example: a restaurant organizes its Highlights by theme, each Highlight grouping together several Stories on the same theme; the first Highlight displays practical information such as the restaurant menu and its address; the second Highlight offers news from the restaurant, which has recently delivered to homes within a specific area; the third Highlight publishes customer reviews and repost customer posts.

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Instagram Highlights are visible just below the bio, before the feed. The Highlight thus “highlights” the important content, to make it stand out. It is therefore a good way to flesh out the Instagram bio which is limited to 150 characters, and it adds a playful character to the textual presentation of the account, since the Stories include visuals such as images and videos.

What is the point of Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights present 3 major interests.

The Highlight is a good tool to promote the company’s product or service offering. The featured Story can indeed be enriched with a link swipe-up which redirects to the web page of the e-shop, permanently. In this way, the company creates traffic to its website and gives itself the opportunity to improve its conversion rate. Example: the brand puts on the front page in Story a promotion or a competition which is intended to last more than 24 hours. When a subscribed user goes to the business account, they view the Promotional Highlight which redirects them to the page of the promoted product, which they may be viewing and purchasing. The user further may wish to subscribe to the account to take advantage of upcoming promotions.

The Highlight delivers relevant information, useful to the subscriber and the prospect. The company takes the opportunity to post permanent Stories on the contact details and opening hours of the shops, the services offered for sale, the history of the brand, the eco-responsible manufacturing processes of the products or the members of the team. . Example: a communication agency creates a video story of a making-of of advertising film, and puts it in the front page in Highlight, to share his professionalism through his production techniques.

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In any case, Instagram Highlights make it possible to professionalize the brand image of a company. Most business accounts now use this feature, not using it is in the best interests of the business. Highlights Instagram has thus become a pledge of trust, and improves brand awareness.

How to make Instagram Highlights?

5 Simple Steps to Make Instagram Highlights:

  1. On the Instagram profile, click on the “+” button, located just above the feed inside a round icon.
  2. Select the Story (s) to include in the Highlight, and click on the “Next” button. Note that the selection groups the Stories together for a single Highlight. To make several Highlights, start over from step 1 as many times as necessary.
  3. Choose a cover photo. It is possible to choose an image from the Stories selected for the Highlight, or a separate image to select from the user’s media library.
  4. Choose the title of the Highlight. This step involves writing a short text title, 11 characters maximum, to present the content of the Highlight.
  5. Click on the “Add” command on iPhone, or “Finish” on Android.

create instagram highlight

Tips to know for successful Instagram Highlights:

  • Highlights appear under the Instagram profile’s bio antecchronologically, that is, the oldest created appears at the end of the line. To save time, it is a good idea to think about the layout of the Highlights upstream, strategically. Example: the company that first creates its most important Featured Story sees it appear last, which is counterproductive; this error requires redoing your Highlights.
  • To modify a Highlight, by adding or deleting photos and videos: keep your finger pressed on the Highlight to modify, and select the “Modify featured content” command. The procedure is identical to delete a Highlight.
  • A successful Highlight is of course a successful Story. But before seeing the Story, the Instagram user sees the title and cover photo, so these elements should be chosen carefully to gain attention. The title should be descriptive and catchy. The image must be attractive. Many accounts use small icons that are graphic, fun and informative about the content.
  • The Highlights feature allows you to create featured content from old Stories, but also directly when creating a new Story.
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Examples of Instagram Highlights

Instagram for Business uses icons as cover photos

The professional Instagram account, necessarily, is illustrated in its use of Highlights. Featured Stories are organized in a way that is easy to read and accurately describes the content of each Highlight. For this, Instagram uses playful icons.

pro instagram highlights

Sézane offers a comprehensive overview of brand information

Extent of its product offering, news magazine, men’s collection or even boutique addresses: the ready-to-wear brand takes advantage of Highlights to permanently display as much information as possible about the company. Note that Sézane has chosen to offer more Highlights than the limit visible on the screen without scrolling, which may encourage the Instagram user to go further in his navigation on the account.

highlights sezane

Starbucks uses its brand’s color code for the cover photos of its Highlights

In line with its brand image, Starbucks uses its color code to make its Highlights attractive.

starbucks highlights

Zara takes advantage of Instagram Highlights to present each product category

Each Highlight of the clothing brand presents a product category: the new collection, the sport line or even the basics. This organization of Highlights helps the subscriber or future subscriber to navigate the range offered by Zara.

highlights zara

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