what is it and how to use it?

what is it and how to use it?

The leading professional social network, LinkedIn brings together 722 million subscribers worldwide and 10 million active users in France. An essential platform for all companies wishing to increase their online visibility and achieve their business and marketing objectives, LinkedIn offers several publication formats, including the carousel.

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What is the benefit of a LinkedIn carousel?

On LinkedIn as on other social networks, the carousel is an engaging format. By concentrating several types of media in a single publication, it makes it possible to format posts that are both informative and accessible to the audience. In summary, the LinkedIn carousel is a very visual type of publication, allowing a good impregnation of the marketing message formulated by the brand.

As a result, and since it greatly promotes audience engagement, LinkedIn’s carousel format results in better organic reach for posts. The organic reach corresponds to the number of views of the publication among the users of the platform in a natural way, that is to say without taking into account any sponsorship of the publication. Engagement and organic reach are correlated since LinkedIn’s algorithm takes into account the average engagement rate of a company’s posts to show up in the user’s post feed.

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More specifically, and unlike a classic text publication, the LinkedIn carousel includes 10 visuals and therefore invites the Internet user to spend more time on the publication. The time taken to read a post without moving on to another is one of the classification criteria of the LinkedIn algorithm. It is also related to engagement rate and organic reach.

To conclude on all the advantages of the carousel format on LinkedIn, we must take into account its positive impact on most of the performance indicators (KPIs) specific to social networks: the click rate, the conversion rate, but also the number of leads generated as well as the volume of web traffic to the landing pages integrated into the carousel posts. Indeed, if there is indeed a common objective to all carousel publications on social networks, it is to refer the Internet user to the brand’s website in order to encourage him to undertake a binding action towards him. .

LinkedIn Carousel Ideas

Setting up a carousel on LinkedIn does not only require knowing the procedure for publishing on this social network or for sharing visuals or videos with your audience. For the brand or the company that integrates the carousel in its social media strategy, it is also necessary to rely on a defined editorial line and linked to the pursuit of a particular marketing objective.


Generally, it is advisable to use storytelling to take full advantage of the carousel format. As mentioned above, the term “storytelling” refers to telling the story of the brand or company by shaping it in a unique way. In the case of the carousel, this may consist of producing a series of short texts to trace the history of a product or service offered by the advertiser. The presence of several photos in the carousel makes it possible to present a product in different situations.

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Actual event

It is also possible to bet on the story of a professional event in which the company recently participated. This type of content is particularly effective in the context of a B2B strategy in order to demonstrate the company’s expertise to a professional circle close to the activity, or even to competitors.

Before after

Finally, the carousel format is also conducive to the famous “before/after” format. It also makes it easy to ask for the opinion of your audience, by offering them to choose from among several photos, in the form of a closed question. In the same way, an open question, posed in the body of the text of the publication, can lead to the resolution of a subject in the rest of the carousel. In this case, the company or brand positions itself as an expert to popularize a concept of informative or educational interest for its audience.

Satisfied customers

For a more commercial use of the carousel, the background of the publication can consist of taking up positive customer reviews to integrate them into a series of slides. In this type of carousel publication, be careful to ensure graphic homogeneity between the visuals.

How to publish a Linkedin carousel?

To publish a carousel on LinkedIn, you must start by creating a document in PDF or Google Slides format of several pages, so as to have a page for each future slide of the carousel publication. If the carousel is intended to integrate many graphic elements, it is possible to use an online tool like Canva or more advanced graphic software such as Photoshop.

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Once this document is ready, it must be integrated into a new LinkedIn publication. To do this, the creator must first click on the document-shaped icon in the box for creating a new LinkedIn post, after opening a window by clicking on the text box called “Create a post”. When he passes the mouse over this icon, the mention “Add a document” appears.

New post for a LinkedIn carousellinkedin carousel post creation

By clicking on the icon, a window dedicated to downloading documents external to LinkedIn is displayed.

Share a document for a linkedin carousel

Then, you must download the created document and assign it a title. Attention, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the title of the document will be visible to LinkedIn users. It must be both simple and descriptive with respect to the content of the carousel slides.

Then, the author of the publication writes it and optimizes it, by adding, for example, one or more hashtags related to the subject. Finally, just click on “Publish” at the bottom right of the post creation area.

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