what is it and should you subscribe?

what is it and should you subscribe?

LinkedIn is a very powerful social network allowing you to develop your professional network in order to find a job, promote your company or recruit. Free in standard use, the social network also offers a premium offer. This paid plan gives access to advanced services and features. LinkedIn regularly promotes its premium offer, but what are the real reasons for an average user to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium?

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What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid plan offered by the professional social network LinkedIn. It brings together a set of offers and features that are more complete than those integrated into the free version of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Premium is for people looking for a job, but also for recruiters, business leaders and professionals who want to expand their network to achieve their business goals.

The paid version of LinkedIn becomes interesting when the user regularly uses the social network to set up or consolidate a real professional strategy. It can be a commercial prospecting strategy, a customer follow-up process or even a recruitment process.

In the following situations, subscribing to LinkedIn Premium allows you to bypass the limits of the free version of the social network:

  • Impossibility for the user to get in touch with people who are not part of his own network or to see their entire profile.
  • Limited number of monthly searches.
  • Maximum of 3 monthly job search alerts.

In summary, professionals and job seekers who regularly use LinkedIn have every interest in considering the various solutions offered by the platform as part of its premium version. Whichever package you choose, LinkedIn Premium offers significant benefits.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Premium?

In response to the limits imposed by the free version of the platform, the different formulas of the LinkedIn Premium offer concentrate common advantages for all the profiles it targets:

  • Professionals seeking employment.
  • Freelancers and business leaders wishing to develop their network.
  • Commercial.
  • Recruiters.

Thus, the LinkedIn Premium formulas all allow you to contact a person directly via their LinkedIn profile without having to connect with them. As a reminder, on LinkedIn, connecting with a profile means integrating it into your network of contacts. This advanced functionality is therefore useful for sales managers who wish to send targeted communications to their leads and/or prospects, for freelancers who seek to publicize their offer in a personalized and non-massive way, or even for professionals looking for a job who see an opportunity to support their candidacy for a job advertisement.

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Similarly, bypassing the limitation on the number of profiles with which it is possible to connect is another significant advantage of the Premium version of LinkedIn. By accessing a greater number of profiles, the Premium member develops their network on LinkedIn more quickly and more efficiently. Nevertheless, it must always be based on a framed development strategy. On LinkedIn, it is indeed easy for the user to be tempted to send a multitude of invitations to people more or less close to his initial objective, whether:

  • Become known.
  • Find a new collaborator.
  • Observe the competition.
  • To get a job.

LinkedIn Premium also allows business strategy managers or business leaders to obtain qualified data on their prospects. This practice is particularly relevant in the context of setting up a B2B strategy. Indeed, being able to know quickly and with certainty the professional function and the geographical sector of a person can be enough to create an individualized and human contact, thus giving every chance of possible future collaboration.

Finally, LinkedIn Premium offers a component that does not exist in its free offer, but which appears in all its formulas: its LinkedIn Learning platform. It concentrates many online professional training modules, some of which are on very specific subjects. Following these modules allows job seekers, but also self-employed people and business managers, to acquire advanced skills and knowledge. In connection with a lead acquisition strategy, it is therefore, for example, possible to have your company’s expertise certified in such and such a field: a pledge of value and trust enabled by joining the offer. LinkedIn Premium.

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

The LinkedIn Premium offer is divided into several formulas which correspond to distinct user groups. Each plan is offered at a different price, since companies that use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, for example, need many more advanced features than people whose goal is to improve their professional image to find a new job.

First, the LinkedIn Premium Career package is priced at €29.74 per month or €297.40 per year. It gives access to the following features:

  • Complete list of users who have searched for the premium member profile.
  • Ability to send messages to employers with whom the premium member is not connected, up to 3 per month.
  • Positioning information on a job offer compared to other candidates, in the form of a percentage.
  • Access to resources offered by LinkedIn Learning to professionals seeking employment.
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For its part, LinkedIn Premium Business is aimed at freelancers and business leaders. The Business formula is priced at €54.54 per month or €535.42 per year and improves its visibility on the LinkedIn platform. This is the offer that best meets a lead and/or prospect generation objective, regardless of the size of the company.

LinkedIn Premium Business includes the following features:

  • Access to the list of people who have searched for the user’s profile.
  • Ability to send 15 Inmails to people with whom the LinkedIn Premium member is not (or not yet) in contact.
  • View unlimited profiles, up to the third relationship level (relationship levels are proximity circles established by LinkedIn).
  • Have access to LinkedIn Learning training modules, in the form of videos and written courses.

For professionals for whom sales prospecting is the primary reason for connecting to LinkedIn, the platform has created LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator. At the price of €74.36 per month or €713.93 per year, this offer is specially designed for professionals in the commercial services of companies or for heads of small and medium-sized structures, themselves in charge of prospecting.

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator allows the user to:

  • Browse the complete list of people who have searched for their profile via the platform.
  • Contact 20 professionals per month via the Inmail format, without having to be part of their network.
  • View profiles in an unlimited way, up to the limit of the third relationship circle set by LinkedIn.
  • Regularly receive suggestions from qualified prospects.
  • Consult commercial information about its prospects.

Finally, the LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite offer is geared towards recruiters. It is designed to facilitate the work of sorting profiles according to the skills of the candidates. Priced at €109.08 per month and €1,070.95 per year, this offer is aimed primarily at companies with an HR department with a pre-defined recruitment budget.

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LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite includes the following premium services:

  • Like all other LinkedIn Premium offers, the possibility for the user to know who has searched for their profile via the LinkedIn search tool.
  • Sending 30 Inmails to candidates without having to be part of their professional network.
  • The possibility of consulting unlimited profiles within the limit of the third degree of relationship.
  • The suggestion of profiles in accordance with the recruitment objectives of the company.
  • Access to a specific interface, dedicated to recruitment professionals.

Should you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium?

The choice to subscribe or not to one of the LinkedIn Premium formulas obviously depends on the user’s connection habits and professional objectives.

First, the reasons for not subscribing to LinkedIn Premium should be considered. Thus, most professionals who are registered on the first professional social network in the world have a basic use of it. Not everyone needs to develop a professional strategy, whether because they are not attentive to the job market, their sector of activity is not digitized (or very little) or that their business is not in the lead generation or prospecting phase. Sometimes having a well maintained profile is enough to get the desired results.

When the question of subscribing to LinkedIn Premium arises, it is because the user is looking, for example, to:

  • Develop a network of leads or prospects.
  • Highlight its expertise to establish a professional reputation.
  • Build a network upstream of the development of a new activity.

In summary, when a specific professional context justifies the need to build or develop a qualified professional network, it may be wise to take a close look at the advantages of a LinkedIn Premium account. For the choice of the formula in particular, it is strongly advised to study their different characteristics to determine which one will be the most suitable.

In any case, LinkedIn Premium can be tested free of charge for one month, often enough time to judge its effectiveness if the subscription occurs at the start of the implementation of a lead generation or online prospecting strategy.

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