What is Maluma’s net worth?

What is Maluma's net worth?

At 26 years old, the Colombian reggaeton player managed to position himself at the international peak of the urban genre | Getty Images / Getty Images

Juan Luis Londoño, better known as Maluma, has managed to position himself as one of the greatest references of reggaeton worldwide and built a solid career since 2010 that allowed him to rub shoulders with great artists and raise a fortune of money.

According to the specialized site Celebrity Neth Worth, the Colombian singer from Medellín, currently has a net worth of $ 12 million.

The figure is not so striking when you consider that the musician has been working since he was 16 years old, fills stadiums and continues to release hits such as “Felices los 4”, “El Perdedor”, “Corazón” and “Borró Cassette”.

In his social networks, the artist boasts not only of his money but also of the trips he makes, the people he is with, the clothes he wears and without neglecting his sensual photos.

Maluma’s money comes from his hits, his concerts, the YouTube reproductions of his songs and multiple commercial deals. According to the Emprende FX portal, in 2019 Maluma charged $ 300,000 per concert and also received monthly income of $ 84,000 from her YouTube channel, where she reaps more than 23 million subscribers.

He even launched into the fashion world in 2015 when he introduced his own clothing brand with the same name from his album “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy”. The artist is a fashion fanatic and is known for his preference for the Gucci brand and for buying luxurious watches, such as a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

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