What is pink chocolate and where does it come from?

Chocolate is probably most people’s favorite sweet and one of the most popular all over the world.

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Some may not be so familiar with the wide variety of types of chocolate that exist today and it is very understandable since the evolution of chocolate is continuous and its creators constantly continue to amaze with their creativity and flavors.

A real chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa and contains little added sugar is always recommended.

Chocolate, food of gods

Chocolate is the result of processing the seeds of the cocoa tree, through variations it is possible to obtain different types.

It is known as the food of the gods, in relation to its origin in Mexico, the legend mentions that the god Quetzalcóatl was the one who gave the cocoa tree to the human being. Its scientific name Theobroma cacao, given in Greek, gives it the meaning.

This makes sense when you taste some of the magnificent possibilities of cocoa.

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There are benefits associated with the consumption of chocolate, without a doubt there are some that are more beneficial to health than others, as is the case with black or dark chocolate or those with a higher concentration of cocoa.

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Benefits associated with chocolate:

Some health benefits of chocolate are:

-Source of flavonoids with antioxidant effects.

-Less impact on cell damage from heart disease.

-Helps balance blood pressure.

–Caffeine, the higher percentage of cocoa you will get a higher percentage of caffeine and antioxidants.

-Lower risk of heart conditions, diabetes, strokes.

-Pleasant feeling and better mood.

The chocolate… Pink?

As for types of popular chocolates, the list is not short. The variety is immense, but to the naked eye they mostly seem quite similar.

In short, in 3 main types: milk, dark and white. Suddenly a new one catches the eye and it is the relatively recent pink chocolate.

It was in 2017 that the Swiss brand Barry Callebaut unveiled this type of chocolate, achieved through a long development process that lasted around a decade.

Pink chocolate is made from the berries of the ruby ​​cocoa that is present in some parts of South America and Africa, with a percentage of cocoa that tends between 34 to 47%, whose colors are pink and purple.

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Through specific processing, cocoa can naturally maintain its original color without the need for artificial additions, therefore, it can present an acidic and fruity sensation.

The nutritional content varies depending on the manufacturer. Read the label for nutrient content per serving.

Have you tried the pink chocolate yet?

The chocolate is mainly aimed at a millennial market due to its characteristics, however, in any case it manages to maintain the essence of a chocolate.

It is a fact that both the process and the result are surprising and, without a doubt, so is its taste and it is here to stay, so if you have not had the opportunity to try it, go ahead when you have the opportunity, or a craving!

Source: Mayo Clinic

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