What is Rosalía’s net worth?

What is Rosalía's net worth?

Rosalía has won numerous awards and recognitions for her hit “Con Altura” | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Rosalía’s success is undeniable. The Spanish artist has not only conquered her country, but also transcended borders and shone on the Latin music scene by force of talent, attitude and great productions such as her renowned single “Con Altura” with J Balvin. Everything in a short time.

Although his career and career begins with a formation from a young age, the truth is that the Grammy-winning mega star made an impact on music worldwide and was like a whirlwind.

Of course, success comes from money. According to the Trending Celebs Now site, the 26-year-old artist has an estimated net worth of $ 5 million, a figure that is constantly being updated with new works and mainly due to the income she earns on digital platforms due to the number of reproductions of their songs.

For example, her song “Malamente” has exceeded 49 million views on YouTube and Spotify came to stand out for being the artist with the most views in a single day in Spain.

Taking into account the reproductions of the last 10 videos that she has published on her YouTube channel, the singer who renewed flamenco has earned an estimate of more than $ 128,000 in 2019, taking into account that according to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America ) for a thousand reproductions on the platform you pay between 0.8 and 1.5 dollars (depending on the country in which it is reproduced).

In addition to reproductions on the Internet, the artist receives money from live concerts (currently paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic) and also for her different businesses with renowned brands.

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