What is Snapchat Discover?

What is Snapchat Discover?

Snapchat is establishing itself as one of the social networks most used by young people. In fact, in France more than 13.2 million users are active daily to send “snaps”, play augmented reality games and consult Snap Discover, a feature dedicated to the media which is unique in its kind.

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It is also thanks to the latter that the social network has been able to considerably develop its audience and income. To better understand, this article explains what Snapchat Discover is and how it can be leveraged as an advertiser.

Snapchat Discover launched

While the social network had until then specialized in editing ephemeral content, Snapchat wanted to diversify its features.

Snapchat Discover was therefore launched in 2016 with the aim of offering free editorial content adapted to the codes of social networks. Whether it’s entertaining content or very serious information, Snapchat didn’t want to limit itself.

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Thanks to this, the media were able to create exclusive shows on Snapchat. It was a real godsend to reach a younger audience who would never have been receptive in a classical context. This is precisely what attracted several big media outlets for the 2016 launch program. Among them were Le Monde, L’Équipe, Tastemade, Konbini, Cosmopolitan and Vice.

But this Snapchat feature was also beneficial for the company. Indeed, Snapchat says that following the first year of its launch, the audience has doubled and the time spent on the application has tripled. These numbers are exponential since between 2019 and 2020, the time spent on Snapchat Discover increased by 45%.

Sample media on Snapchat Discover

Originally, the Snapchat Discover program was launched with eight media partners. In 2017, they were joined by four other entities, including the Express and Society.

Initially, the feature offered only written content. But today, it is possible to broadcast short videos in vertical format and more than twenty media have joined Snapchat Discover including BFMTV, 20 Minutes, Brut, Vogue, Society, Topito, MAD, Arte, Chef Club, Loopsider, O1 Net, Le Figaro, RMC, Mademoizelle.com, Cuisine Actuelle, Radio France, Europe 1 and beiN Sport.

Some of them have even developed content specially dedicated to the application, such as France TV which broadcast a daily program during the Roland Garros tournament.

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Thus, the media have the opportunity to reinvent themselves by offering informative content to be consumed in a fun way. Editors have also testified that without Snapchat, it would have been difficult to expand their audience to such a young audience, 13-24 year olds being particularly active on the social network.

How to appear on Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover is a program aimed exclusively at the media. It is therefore not possible for a brand to be part of it. In addition, the media are not selected at random, they must correspond to a charter, and the media presented depend on the subscription of each user as well as the algorithm of suggestions.

However, Snapchat wants to develop its advertising network. While several solutions have already been implemented via Snapchat Ads, the platform is launching “Snap Select” in 2020 as announced on September 30 of the same year during an online press conference.

The idea here is to go further than the “Commercials” program launched in March 2019 to offer advertisers a premium solution as well as an even more simplified and qualitative space purchase system.

“Snap Select” therefore derives from “Commercial”. It is a six-second full-screen ad video format that appears on Snapchat Discover shows. Unlike other ad formats in the app, users can’t make this one go away.

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So that’s the only possibility for the ads to appear in Snapchat Discover. But as a premium format, it is not sold on a cost per view basis. The price is fixed and higher than traditional Snapchat Ads.

The purchase of a “Snap Select” space is done via the Snapchat Ads Manager management platform. To purchase all of the Select spaces on a Discover show, you would need to budget for around $ 50,000 per day.

Although this format comes at a high cost, it promises very strong engagement and better recall of the advertising message. The Coca-Cola group is proof of this: its “Coca-Cola light Taste” campaign recorded an average completion rate of 80% and advertising retention of more than 18 points. Thanks to Snapchat ads, the group would have increased sales of its product by 3.6%.

Faced with the exponential statistics presented by Snapchat and the examples of efficiency cited in this article, it is obvious that Snapchat Discover offers exceptional visibility to advertisers.

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