what is the best choice for search engine optimization (SEO)?

what is the best choice for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Want a quick response? There is no such thing as a “best hosting choice” for SEO. The choice of hosting should not be made according to your performance objective on search engines but according to your traffic load objectives to be served simultaneously, integrated features, your media volume and page and your website overall.

John Mueller, recently dismantled a study pointing out that shared hosting was bad for SEO. For him, each site must choose its type of web hosting according to its activity ” Host where it makes sense for you “(Host where it makes sense to you).

No need for example to go to a dedicated server for a showcase site visited by 1000 people per month. This will not bring any added value in SEO and will make the company pay dearly for nothing.

Likewise, it is also unthinkable to host a Magento e-commerce store on a shared server, the server will crash every day, even with 1000 visitors per day …

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The article was short, of course, but we are preparing a decision tree for you to choose your web hosting according to your needs and expectations, it will be of much greater added value than this article, it is promised.

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