What is the best food routine to speed up your metabolism

Cuál es la mejor rutina alimentaria para acelerar tu metabolismo

The body gets the energy it needs from food, through metabolism. Discover details about how it works and the best foods to stimulate it

When it comes to losing weight metabolism It’s one of the most popular and important concepts, that is why it is said that poor metabolism It is the main impediment to lose weight quickly and effectively. However it is usually a term that is said a little to the air, since on many occasions we have no idea about the metabolism function and those aspects that intervene in its speed or slowness.

Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food into energy, it is mostly known “Burn calories” and it is one of the more fundamental functions of the body, since that energy is used to carry them out basic tasks how the breathingdigestion circulate blood, think, regulate temperature and even the heartbeat.

Total calories that the body uses in one day is known as energy expenditure. The calories added to this expense can be attributed to 4 factors:

  • Basal metabolic rate: It refers to the amount of calories the body burns at rest.
  • Physical activity level: Refers to the amount of intentional exercise a person performs.
  • Thermogenesis: It refers to the exercise that a person does inadvertently.
  • Thermal effect of food
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Each of these factors represents a percentage of total energy expenditure, although it is a concept that it varies in a very particular way according to each individual. The truth is the body burns calories in many ways, in most people thermogenesis represents about 10% of your total energy expenditure, while resting metabolic rate represents around the 60 to 70%. The greatest variability occurs with activity levels and can vary from 100 calories burned in a sedentary person up to 3,000 calories or more for a high performance athlete.

What aspects affect metabolism for better or for worse?

Various studies and specialists in medicine have verified that genetics plays the most important role in metabolism, although there are also some variations. Such is the case of muscle mass which has one 5% difference in men and women, this is an aspect that also affects metabolism since muscle burns more calories than fat. That is to say increasing muscle mass through exercise increases metabolism, even when there is no active physical activity.

What is a fact is that classifying metabolism as fast or slow is a kind of myth. What determines if more calories are burned of which the organism keeps (in terms of the food consumed), is the daily activity and it is a concept that goes far beyond the sessions or exercise classes you do. This aspect focuses on thermogenesis not associated with exercise which includes everything we do on the day from walking to work, gardening, typing, reading, and even eating.

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What is the best dietary guideline for metabolism?

The food we eat can speed up or slow down metabolism and depending on this the weightloss. As mentioned above, the functioning of the metabolism depends on various factorsHowever, there are some foods that are great help to stimulate it and promote effective calorie burning. Portions also influence, that is why there are foods that stand out for their high content of fiber, protein and healthy fats what are a good ally by increasing satiety and prevent us from overeating.

  • Avocados and olive oil.
  • Legumes, especially beans.
  • Vegetable protein, such as tempeh, soy, and tofu.
  • Chilies and peppers.
  • Whole grain cereals, such as brown rice, corn, and oats.
  • Animal proteins, lean meats, fish and eggs.
  • Green tea and coffee.
  • Fruits and vegetables.


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