What is the best way to eat chili to take advantage of its benefits?

5 increíbles beneficios para la salud de los chiles jalapeños

Boiling hot peppers can almost completely eliminate the vitamin C they contain.

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The chili peppers have analgesic, anti-cancer, antiulcer, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-strengthening properties, as revealed by different investigations.

The Center for Research in Food and Development of Mexico (CIAD) points out that the combination of health-protective compounds in chili peppers has no other food: capsaicionoids (eleven different), capsinoids (such as capsaicin) and the carotenoids capsanthin and capsorubin.

In addition, chili peppers are rich in vitamin C and phenolic compounds (effect protector against cardiovascular diseases and its antioxidant properties) and Vitamin E.

Does cooking affect their properties?

All nutrients and protective compounds of the health that the chili contains are damaged by high temperatures generated through different cooking methods, including their fiber, molecular weight and degree of esterification.

Boil chili peppers lose beneficial compounds that dissolve in water. They move into water or are degraded by heat. This cooking method causes the almost total loss of the vitamin C content of the chili.

Roast the chiles favors the concentration from dehydration. But this process causes a greater loss of compounds Since the temperature used is higher than when boiled, says José de Jesús Ornelas Paz, a CIAD researcher.

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The changes generated by heat processing chili peppers also alter intestinal absorption of the health-protective compounds they contain, especially carotenoids.

Heat can promote the absorption of compounds

Raw or cooked chili peppers are a source of nutrients and health protective compounds.

Even though heat can cause destruction, isomerization and transformation of the compounds in chili. When cooked, these fruits can release more substances charities during digestion compared to the consumption of raw chili. In other words, beneficial compounds are affected by heat, but we absorb them better.

What can be done to better absorb nutrients?

Chili peppers should be eaten with a little fat, which favors the absorption of fat-soluble compounds they contain, one of them is the capsaicin, with beneficial effects on blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.

He type of fat is important for absorption and protective effects of chili compounds.

What is the best way to eat chili to take advantage of its benefits?
Photo: Steve Buissinne / Pixabay

The recommended fat to accompany the gum is unsaturated fat. The healthiest oils with unsaturated fats are the olive oil and avocado oil.

Other oils that are unsaturated fats include peanut, sunflower, soy, corn, and flaxseed oil.

What is the best way to eat chili to take advantage of its benefits?
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Foods with healthy fats that can accompany your chili peppers and at the same time have a food richer in nutrients are: avocado (rich in oleic acid), peanuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame and flaxseed.

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