What is the content snack? Definition and examples

What is the content snack? Definition and examples

A pillar of viral marketing, snack content has established itself on the internet and more particularly on social networks. These short and powerful content seek to trigger an emotion, most often curiosity that will push the Internet user to consume more content or click on the proposed link. Discover the best content snacks to initiate your inbound marketing strategy and many examples to find inspiration to create your content.> Download: Guide to social listening” align=”middle”/>

A bit like food snacking, snack content offers powerful and easy-to-assimilate content. This strategy may seem surprising when long and detailed articles are favored to establish a brand’s expertise and ensure good referencing. But the snack content serves different purposes. First, it is intended to capture attention, then its viral dimension will increase the reach of a brand or improve engagement with its audience.

Examples of snack content

Snack content can take many forms on the internet, whether on social networks or in blog sections of websites. Among the formats most often encountered, there are of course posts but also short articles. Video, which is currently experiencing exponential growth, is of course found in these snack content formats and it is, moreover, one of those favored in B2B. Other visual formats are also often used: computer graphics, even or animated gif. Finally, quotes can be used as text or embedded in an image, depending on the medium for which they are intended.

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Social media posts

A privileged playground for snack content producers, social networks such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter are particularly suited to this type of content. While Twitter officially posts the length of 280 characters, the others do not. However, all of them will only display part of the post and hide the end with a link like “see more” on Linkedin.

post snack content Coca Cola

Source: Coca-Cola Facebook page

This is why short posts should be preferred so that the message is visible to as many subscribers as possible. This is for example the method used by Coca-Cola to animate its Facebook page. The company posts short, compelling content that grabs attention and arouses curiosity to encourage its audience to click on the link to find out more.

Short articles

On social networks, short articles are a snack content format that can only be found on Linkedin. Halfway between the ready-to-consume and in-depth analysis, it is an exercise in which it is a question of showing synthesis while delivering real expertise.

This is what the FIFG does on Linkedin in particular by gathering the main data of its study in a short article. The subscribers of his account can thus have access to essential information and consult the detailed study if the subject interests them. By doing this, companies significantly improve their engagement rate.

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Short videos

The videos can now be found on all social networks and websites. It is the medium that is experiencing the strongest growth and it is also the one favored by marketers for their snack content strategies. It can be used in different placements, such as within a news feed, video feed, or among stories. Again, it should be short and punchy so that the target sees the video in its entirety.

The OUIsncf video on YouTube is only 45 seconds long and yet it has generated more than 70,000 views. In an offbeat style, in a few seconds she projects her audience into a fantastic and fun universe. It’s short, punchy, atypical and it makes you want to share.


Infographics are a snack content format particularly suitable for certain social networks, such as Pinterest and Linkedin. In one image, they synthesize the main data on a specific subject. While they allow companies to generate significant engagement from their audiences, they also have strong viral potential.

micro-content infographic

The Kaplan school network has understood this by offering its infographic on the advantages of traveling for free on Pinterest. At a glance, the main data that interests its target are gathered in this image that they can easily share. The other benefit of infographics is that they rank well in Google Images. This is an opportunity for companies to increase their traffic via this new source.

The same

On the internet, the second degree is often required. And, in this area, we have rarely done better than memes. In just a few clicks, they allow you to respond with humor and derision to a message or initiate a conversation with your subscribers. But this snack content format does not only target young populations, even if they are major consumers of it.

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yomoni metro advertising poster

The exercise for this type of content is to find the balance between derision and gratuitous meanness, which would have a negative impact on the brand image. For example, savings manager Yomoni chose a grumpy cat to gently mock his banker competitors.

Animated gifs

More and more chat applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp offer animated gifs to their users who use them to respond quickly or to image what they are saying. Companies also integrate animated gifs in their publications to improve proximity to their audience and convey a less smooth brand image.

The citations

nike snack content quote

Like Nike, many companies use quotes in their internet communication strategy. It is a particularly impactful format that generates strong engagement when it is broadcast to the right target. It makes it possible to relay the DNA of a brand while establishing greater proximity between it and its consumers.

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