What is the difference between salami and pepperoni?

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Pepperoni is a type of salami.

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He pepperoni and salami are the sausages very similar each other although they have a different flavor. Could you explain the difference between one and the other?

The difference is in its origin and its ingredients. When ordering pepperoni in Italy, they could give you peppers.

Different origin

What is the difference between salami and pepperoni?
Salami is of Italian origin and is usually eaten cold in thin slices. Photo: Pxhere

He salami is a product of Italian origin made with pork (or with a mixture of meats) minced quite fine with an abundant proportion of grease.

He Pepperoni is a variety of salami. Was born in U.S inspired by Italian salami. It is generally made of cured pork and beef.

In Italy there are numerous Denominations of Origin of salami: salami milanese, fiorentino, di Felino, di Fabriano, di Secondigliano, calabrese, etc., according to Larousse Gastronomique.

Differences in flavor

He salami has a more spicy herbaceous flavor; he Pepperoni has more pepper and smoked flavor.

He pepperoni it is a drier version of salami, slightly softer and with a color bright red.

There are different types of salami, traditionally It’s made with pork, veal, minced meat and sometimes with poultry. You can also find salami from goose or wild boar. The dough can be flavored with red wine, smoked, spiced with fennel, parsley, garlic, or bell pepper hash.

The popular spices used to make pepperoni are paprika and chili.

Pepperoni doesn’t mean anything in Italian

The word salami comes from salare, which means making something salty. The original form of salami was made from a mixture of pork and salt, which was air-dried and protected in a wrapper.

Peperoni is not a word with meaning in Italy. Pepperoni is a word invented by Italian Americans and that is probably related to the use of paprika.

If you order a pizza with Pepperoni in Italy, you may be served one with peppers as the term “Pepperoni” bears great similarity to “pepperoni” plural of peperone what does it mean pepper.


In Italy the salami is served more traditionally cold and as part of the antipasti at lunchtime; Meanwhile in The popular use of pepperoni in the United States is in pizza.

According to FoodsGuy, pepperoni is similar to the spicy salami variant of southern Italy, like salsiccia Napoletana piccante, which is a dried sausage from Naples.

In summary, pepperoni is a type of salami, one is American and the other is of Italian origin. Salami can be made with a variety of different meats, while pepperoni includes a mix of beef and pork. One has a more herbaceous flavor and the other has a smoked pepper flavor.


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