What is the Early Bird rate in e-commerce?

What is the Early Bird rate in e-commerce?

Early Bird means in French “Bird in advance”. This expression refers to a marketing practice applied both in B2C communication and in a B2B strategy. It promotes a rapid reaction of the recipients following a marketing solicitation of the type mailingnotification push or even sending an SMS. The principle is simple: a preferential rate or an exclusive offer is offered to customers who book a service or buy a product without waiting.

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What is the Early Bird rate for?

Temporarily increase the conversion rate

One of the main objectives of an Early Bird rate is to induce an act of purchase in a very short period of time. This technique is indeed a powerful conversion lever. It manages to convince the most reluctant prospects by provoking a sense of urgency that is difficult to resist as a consumer. The 78% of French people who say they spend time every day finding good deals are undoubtedly attracted by these one-off offers.

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For example: “Get 15% off your plane ticket if you book today”. The Early Bird can also be a preferential rate against the purchase of a pass for an event six months in advance or a significant reduction against a holiday reservation within an establishment a year earlier. This technique is particularly widely used in events and during a launch.

Acquire new customers quickly

An anticipated pricing makes it possible to quickly obtain new customers and in particular those on the lookout for promotions. Such an action can make it possible to identify a brand which, until then, did not stand out from its competitors.

To win the loyalty of customers

With a completely different objective, an Early Bird rate can also be devoted to loyal customers. This then generates a positive feeling in them, as a reward for their commitment. They feel unique and considered by the brand. It is these small actions that make a brand transform its loyal customers into ambassadors, ready to share their enchantment with those around them.

Gain visibility through strong action

Another mission of the Early Bird tariff: unveil a strong promotion and share it like an event with the aim of it being relayed very quickly. The sign at the origin of this initiative then obtains a very strong notoriety, which can be dazzling. Indeed, on the web in particular, a brand does not always control the impact that an action relayed on social networks and then commented on by Internet users can have. A flash and momentary reduction can greatly improve a brand image with the general public.

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How to use the Early Bird strategy in ecommerce?

Set the right promotional rate

First step to create a successful Early Bird strategy: choose the right rate, the right reduction to apply. In order to increase the participants in an event, a calculation is regularly made to obtain the Early Bird rate: Minimum ticket price = total event cost / number of expected attendees.

For other areas such as the online sale of products or services, the reduction offered must be substantial in order to make an impression. An Early Bird communication displaying an unattractive rate has little chance of being successful. Also, implementing a flexible cancellation policy can help the strategy succeed. People are more likely to engage if they know they can easily back out if the unexpected happens.

Delimit a restricted period to take advantage of the offer

In addition to the attractive price displayed, the promotion period should be short in order to avoid any procrastination of Internet users. In addition to the feeling of urgency generated, individuals who have not succeeded in obtaining the desired service or product due to setbacks or oversights will be more reactive at the next opportunity.

Choosing the best time to apply an Early Bird rate

The impact of an Early Bird rate can be increased tenfold when it is coupled with a special occasion. During a period belonging to a chestnut tree in the year (end of year, sales, various holidays) or during an event specific to the brand such as the launch of a new offer or a new service.

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Communicate the Early Bird rate on many channels

Multiplying the promotion channels for the Early Bird rate is ideal to ensure optimal visibility of the offer and reach as many Internet users as possible. Here are different channels to use:

  • Promotional SMS.
  • Mobile push notifications.
  • Sending mailings.
  • Sending messages by instant messengers such as WhatsApp or Messenger.
  • Online advertising (website and social media advertising).

As in any communication strategy, increasing the number of media and varying the ways of contacting prospects can trigger conversions after the third follow-up or when an advertisement has been seen several times.

Reserve Early Bird fares to specific targets

Finally, it is possible to reserve an Early Bird rate for a particular clientele. Reward loyal customers in order to create commitment or, on the contrary, reserve the Early Bird rate for first purchases and thus increase the conversion rate. Everything is possible according to the objectives of the company.

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