What is the minimum age to take a child on a motorcycle?

What is the minimum age to take a child on a motorcycle?

Bikers are one of the most vulnerable groups that currently exists. According to figures from the Mapfre Foundation, The risk of having an accident on a motorcycle is 17 times greater than in a car. Among other reasons, this is one why smaller ones must meet certain requirements legal to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle.

In the same way that can a baby ride a car from the day you leave the hospital after your birth, with the appropriate security measures and in an approved restraint chair, on motorcycles it is completely prohibited.

The legal age

According to him General Circulation Regulationtwo conditions are established so that children can ride a motorcycle from a certain age:

  • General norm. The passenger of a motorcycle must be at least 12 years old. You will be required to carry the corresponding helmet approved for your size go now sitting behind the driver Astride and with both feet properly supported on the side pegs.
  • Exception. Children over seven years of age will be able to ride a motorcycle as passengers as long as they meet this requirement: the driver of the motorcycle or scooter must be your father, your mother, your legal guardianthe persons authorized by them.

What the regulation seeks is make sure the little ones have enough consciousness to go well secured and without moving during the tour. Likewise, it is persecuted that the minor obtains reach the footpegs of the passenger in a comfortable way, although this point is not mandatory.

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child adapters

Although the subject of the footrests is not mandatory, it is true that the child will travel more comfortably and safely if their feet are properly supported and not hanging. For these cases, the market has some solutions such as special chairs for minors. Are are placed on the passenger seat and they have their own footrests. this contraption not attached to the motorcycle, so it does not prevent the little one from having to keep an eye on do it with the driveralthough you will travel much more comfortably.

What is the minimum age to take a child on a motorcycle?
Children’s chair with footrests

In addition, there are also on the market other accessories for the little onesas handles to hold on, belts and vests for the driver with handles to hold on to and backrests so that the child don’t go backwards.

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