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Last month, the new generation of iPhone 13 hit Apple shelves. This consists of 4 iPhone models: 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 and 13 mini. For each of them, at the time of purchase, 4 storage capacities are offered. In terms of finish, count 4 possibilities for the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models, and 5 for the 13 and 13 mini models. It’s been over 64 different combinations… We asked buyers among our readers to respond to a small survey trying to see which iPhone 13 (model, storage capacity and finish) is the most successful.


Favorite model: a majority of you have chosen the Pro Max model, a little more than those who have opted for a 13 Pro model.

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Chosen capacity: it’s the first capacity that wins, and the cheapest, for over 51% of iPhone 13 buyers among you. Some still preferred to see large and take the larger capacity: 256 GB. 512 GB and 1 TB are not very popular with our readers.

survey iPhone 13 capacitysurvey iPhone 13 capacity

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Preferred finish for Pro and Pro Max models: the preferred finish is “Alpine Blue”. It is followed by the Graphite finish (18%). Gold and Silver don’t make a lot of people happy.

survey iPhone 13 finishsurvey iPhone 13 finish

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Preferred finish for models 13 and 13 mini: here too, Blue is ahead, followed by the Midnight finish. Starlight, red and rose seem less appealing.

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Based on your votes, we can therefore say that the majority of you bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max version 128 GB of storage, Alpine Blue finish. The iPhone 13 Pro with the same features was also successful. Note the poor score of the iPhone 13 mini. The mini format, again in surveys, shows rather low interest from buyers.

Thank you to everyone for taking our survey. We invite you to respond to another survey being conducted about the recent keynote that took place last Monday.

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