What is the net worth of the Resident?

What is the net worth of the Resident?

Rene Perez
Resident became famous worldwide thanks to Calle 13 | Gladys Vega / Getty Images

In recent days, singer René Perez Joglar, better known as “Resident,” caused a stir by publicly expressing his wishes to run as a candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico. The former Calle 13 has always demonstrated his social and political commitment through his compositions and never remained silent when claiming injustices and questioning the system, however after so much controversy he had to go out to clarify that he was only joking and that he was not he has intentions of entering politics.

The artist is focused on the growth process of his solo career after leaving Calle 13, the successful band he founded with his half-sister Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar and his half-brother Eduardo Cabra Martínez and with whom he not only toured dozens of countries It also made a lot of money.

According to the site “La Letra De”, Resident’s net worth is valued at $ 4 million. For its part, the specialized site Celebrity Neth Worth calculates that Calle 13’s net worth is 10 million dollars, which would be distributed among its three main members.

The money comes not only from record labels and live recitals, but also from reproductions of songs on the Internet. According to data provided by the site Popticular, Calle 13 had income of over a million dollars on YouTube for videos such as “Death in Hawaii”, “Latin America”, “Around the world”, “There is no one like you”, among other hits .

While in his solo stage, René generated estimated earnings of $ 238,000 on the same platform. The Popnable music portal, while indicating that the musician had from 2018 to the present, income valued at $ 232,000.

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