What is the Netflix movie “Ahí Te Encargo” with Mauricio Ochmann about?

What is the Netflix movie "Ahí Te Encargo" with Mauricio Ochmann about?

“I order you there” is a movie that is available on Netflix, starring Mauricio Ochmann, Esmeralda Pimentel and Matteo Giannini. It is a romantic comedy directed by Salvador Espinosa Orozco that premiered in 2020.

“Two professionals with a great marriage … until he has the urge to be a father just when she receives a promotion. What a time to bring a guest home!” Reads the official synopsis on the streaming platform.

In the plot, Ochmann plays Alex, an advertising agency worker who dreams of being a father and deepens his desires just when his wife Ceci (played by Pimentel) receives a promotion and experiences one of the best moments of her professional career as executive. Both, who have had a great marriage up to that point, find themselves in a dilemma, since she has no plans to become a mother in the short term. But a visit to the house, an unexpected guest, will make the couple rethink their relationship and the way they see the world.

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