what is the purpose of sound recognition and how to activate it?

Écran iPhone avec notification de reconnaissance d'un son de chat

The iPhone, like the iPad, since iOS 14, is able to recognize sounds and warn the user accordingly. This is an accessibility feature intended primarily for people with hearing impairments. With it, Apple allows the iPhone to become a real alert detector to be a real help in the daily life of deaf and hard of hearing users.

Of course, anyone can enjoy it without necessarily suffering from deafness. Generally, moreover, accessibility features, designed above all to help users with various disabilities, can also be useful to all those who are not the main target.

In any case, here is how to activate this sound recognition.

How to enable sound recognition on iPhone and iPad?

Some prerequisites

First of all, you need to have iOS 14, and of course an iOS device compatible with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or later of one of the two systems.

How to activate the feature

  • Go to the app Settings iPhone or iPad
  • Then go to “Accessibility”
  • Then find the “Sound Recognition” menu in the “Hearing” paragraph
iOS 14 Accessibility and Sound Recognition

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  • There, it is enough to activate the option “Recognition of sounds”
  • The “Sounds” option allows you to activate all the sounds that the iPhone will be able to identify
How to Enable iOS 14 Sound Recognition FeatureHow to Enable iOS 14 Sound Recognition Feature

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There is therefore the possibility of being notified in the event of detection of the sound of fire, siren, smoke, cat, dog, household appliances, car horn, doorbell, knocking on a door, dripping water and baby crying.

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Note that enabling sound recognition disables the Hey Siri feature. In short, with sound recognition activated, it is not possible to wake up Siri using the voice command “Hey Siri”.

In any case, once the function is started, the user receives a notification on the iPhone or iPad as soon as one of the chosen sounds is detected.

iOS 14 sound recognition functioniOS 14 sound recognition function

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In our case, the precision was still not required, with an iPhone sometimes confusing baby’s crying and cat’s mewing. But the most important thing is to be notified, which for us has almost always been the case. Beyond use in the context of a hearing disability, the function can also be used to notify a user listening to music with headphones at home, for example, when he wants to remain alert in the event that someone would ring the doorbell.

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