What is the secret to gaining muscle mass?

To live a full and vigorous life it is necessary to have an optimal state of health, for this it is important to exercise regularly.

One of the main objectives for many people who practice sports or exercise is the increase and preservation of muscle mass.

Muscles play a very important role in daily activities, which in the right conditions, provide the strength and ease of movement with which you act and in turn can help you feel better and lift your spirits when you look in the mirror.

With age from the age of 30, muscle mass is lost, so it is important to preserve it through an adequate diet that meets the protein requirements and perform muscle strength exercise routines.

How to gain muscle mass?

There are several factors that help you increase your muscle mass, including diet and muscle strength exercise. For this reason, it is important that once you have reached your goal, you are rigorous in order to maintain that muscle mass.

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-Feeding Tips to gain muscle mass

Food is vital to give your body the necessary energy and nutrient requirements so that your muscles can grow.

A balanced diet with the appropriate portions per day of protein foods (vegetables and / or animals), fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates is required to be able to make your muscles increase.

-Eat complex carbohydrates before doing your training.

-Consume at least about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight daily.

The protein requirement for each person varies according to weight, height, type and intensity of exercise, muscle mass index, among other factors.

For a personalized diet, consult a Nutritionist or a Sports Physician.

-Maintain a balanced diet every day and distribute the food equally in each of your meals of the day. An excess of protein does not guarantee greater muscle mass.

-Don’t overindulge in foods high in saturated fat, avoid processed products.

-Eat fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

– Hydrate properly.

-Have breakfast daily, in this way you will be providing your body with the energy it needs to perform the exercise. If you exercise without breakfast, you will use up the glycogen stores in your muscles.

-Exercise with weights and machines to gain muscle mass

Such as free weights (includes dumbbells and disc bars) that work multiple muscles at the same time and machines that are designed to work a specific muscle in isolation.

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One of the best ways to gain muscle mass is to do weight training. A balance between the amount of weight, the number of sets and repetitions and increasing it gradually is what will help you obtain more muscle mass.

Start with a weight that you feel comfortable with, as well as a suitable number of repetitions and series, for example, two or three series of 8 repetitions, remember not to exceed yourself at the beginning. Check with your doctor before doing any weight training routine.

As time passes and according to your physical condition, increase the weight and you can also add a greater number of repetitions and / or series gradually to give a greater demand to your muscles.Consult your coach for a specific routine for you.

Avoid taking supplements, unless they are prescribed by a Sports Physician.

Weight training can target a variety of muscles and you can practice compound movements to get the most out of it. At the same time, avoid neglecting certain important areas of the body, so that you obtain a more uniform appearance.

In the case of muscle strength training, resistance elastics are also used and exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and squats, among others, in which one’s own body weight is used, can even be performed.

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Performing cardiovascular exercises also assists in this process as it helps you lose fat and in this way the muscle gain will be more visible.

On the other hand, weight training has benefits for your health such as greater strength, maintenance of muscle mass and some protection against osteoporosis.

-Rest during workouts to promote muscle mass gain.

Another relevant element to increase muscle mass is to give your body a considerable rest between each workout.

Remember to get adequate sleep every day (eight hours a day) and give your body at least one rest day a week so it has a chance to replenish itself.

Increase your muscles!

As in many occasions, the important thing is perseverance, so take these considerations into account and you will see better results in your goal to increase your muscle mass. Improve your diet, rest properly, be consistent in your workouts and challenge yourself every day!

Source: Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic.

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