What Is This Technique Really Worth?

If you’ve ever worked as a web copywriter or just just drafted, you know how time-consuming it can be, especially if you’re new to it. In addition to time, it requires real skills, spelling, writing, synthesizing, etc. So you naturally wonder if there are techniques to simplify all these writing processes. This is exactly what Content Spinning offers. This is not something that is necessarily very well known to the general public, so today we invite you to discover this technique through this article.

Content Spinning: definition

What is the ” Content Spinning “? This is a technique that allows create many variations of a text basic, without it being seen as plagiarism or duplicate content (in theory). The goal is to create a very large number of pages in a very short time.

We often tend to overuse English expressions in the digital world, but this time around, we don’t really have a choice. It’s a rather difficult term to translate, but you will have understood it the goal is to rotate the content. Concretely, each expression of the base text (called Masterspin) will be transformed into an expression of the same meaning. So we can create several versions of the same text with different expressions. Imagine the number of variations that it is possible to make on a text of several hundred words!

Of course, to achieve all this there is software. But just because there is software does not mean that Content Spinning is open to everyone and anyone can do it. Indeed, you still need expertise and knowledge of the method for writing a basic text of sufficient quality. If the base text, known as Masterspin, is poorly written or not optimized for content spinning, there is a good chance that the resulting texts will be of poor quality.

Example of Content Spinning

If that’s still not very clear to you, here’s a small example of what spinning content might look like.

As you can see, for each expression, there are several possibilities, which the Spinning software will exploit to obtain different texts. We could make 2 sentences with:
“This content spinning tool makes it possible to generate spinning content. The tool is very simple and perfect for a seo campaign. “
“This generator allows you to write a spinning post. This tool is free and ideal for an SEO campaign. “

Of course, this is an example so the result is not exceptional, but that is not the point of Content Spinning either.

Example of Content Spinning
Example of Content Spinning

Understanding Content Spinning

Is the creation of content qualitative?

This is clearly the question we are asking ourselves, is the quality of the content there? In reality, it all depends on what expectations you place on this method (it doesn’t get you very far, does it?).

Concretely, if you expect Content Spinning to make 500 impeccable variations in 5 minutes, without enriching the texts with content that you make yourself, it is sure that the content can be bad. If quality is the number 1 criterion of your content, of course, you will have to think of other methods. And if you want a minimum of quality, you have to at least go over the content since there are still chances that you will have to face errors. In particular, you will find yourself correcting spelling, grammar and of course syntax errors, but also sentences that will be meaningless. It’s the risk, but it’s the game! This is to be expected, and it makes sense. The other problem is that you might stumble upon repetitions and similarities between the different spinned texts. In fact, the French language is not really the most suitable for Spinning, because of its complexity.

How good is Content Spinning?
How good is Content Spinning?

Nevertheless, it is possible to have a minimum qualitative content with this technique. But for that, you absolutely have to go over the texts. You can enrich with unique qualitative content, correct writing problems, personalize certain parts of the text, etc.

On top of that, you’ll have to think about optimize all these texts. If you use Content Spinning, it is surely to publish a large volume of pages, which should be optimized for SEO. We can in particular think of the integration of links between the contents, the treatment of the different levels of title as well as the keywords to place on which you want to position yourself. In other words, you have to understand what you are committing to before taking action. It is not enough to pass a text in a software.

What does Google think?

Today, Google’s bias is to showcase quality content. Content has been king for a while now. We see this of course on a daily basis with the increasingly widespread development of Content Marketing. Obviously, you suspect that content resulting from such a technique and low in quality will not please our friend Google.

What’s more, Google’s algorithms know the weaknesses of content spinning software. That is to say, it is able to detect errors in grammar, syntax or just phrases commonly used by these software. This is called the concept of “Footprints”, and which can be translated into French by simply empreinte. Again, you have to spend time on the texts to make them look good in Google’s eyes.

You will have understood it, Google is a moderate fan of Content Spinning. Anyway, when he can recognize it! 😉
A bad Spinning will therefore result in penalties on your site, and maybe even go as far as deindexing if you were really abusing it. The least risky solution, you can imagine, is to go through a Content Spinning professional for your site, who masters the technique at the fingertips.

Content Spinning and SEO: Black Hat or not?

Although everything suggests that Content Spinning is prohibited by Google, it is not. In itself, this is only a technique for optimizing web writing processes. What Google doesn’t like is duplicate and / or low-quality content. This risky technique is often considered black hat by the SEO community, but it’s really a point of view.

Is this considered duplicate content?

Duplicate content may slip into your spinned texts, as we mentioned earlier. Again, it depends on how much time you are willing to devote to improving the texts. In all cases, there will always be a percentage of similarity between your different content from Content Spinning. If you’re doing well, he can stay quite weak and go under the radar of the Google robot.

Duplicate content caused by content spinning
Duplicate content caused by content spinning

What are the tools or software for doing Content Spinning?

There are different tools to do Content Spinning yourself in a more or less qualitative way.


It is one of the most advanced tools: WordAi. Indeed, it uses artificial intelligence to offer different versions of your text, whether in French, English, Spanish or even Italian. It is therefore an automatic Spinning tool. The company promises you to be able to make 1000 versions of an article in not even 30 seconds, it is of course to be taken with a grain of salt. Such a tool will cost you $ 27 per month if you commit for a full year.

Spin Rewriter

One of the other references on the market is Spin Rewriter. It is still a paid and automatic Spinning software. They claim to be the only tool that understands the meaning of our content, to be taken with a grain of salt once again. And this is also the number of 1000 variations that comes up for an article. In terms of price, we find ourselves $ 197 a year for an annual commitment.

Free solutions

There are some free tools out there but honestly it’s not worth it.

There is for example https://www.infowebmaster.fr/outils/content-spinning.php. You have to manually enter each variation in braces, you will have less time to rewrite unique content on your own.

You can also find EffiSpin, but it’s still quite complicated and limited. It is based on the system for creating variables.

How much does a French Content Spinner cost?

The safest solution to have a quality result is to go through an expert. Be careful, there aren’t any on every street corner, but you will find your happiness without worry. The prices are generally between 0.3 and 1 € for 500 – 1000 words, which is much cheaper than traditional web writing.

Our opinion on Content Spinning

If we rule out the “White” or “Black” Hat side, it’s all a question of use. If content spinning is used in a clean way and responds to user requests with added value, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just optimization. For example, if you use Content Spinning to duplicate your content according to its location, that’s not a bad thing in itself.

You just have to know what you are in for if you play this practice. You risk, as we have mentioned, penalties from Google, and therefore potentially a drop in traffic to your website.

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